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Your Trampoline Assembly

Once you have opened the cartons for your Vuly trampoline kit, you will find the required assembly tools inside, as well as a reference manual to help you assemble the trampoline. Please ensure that all of the assembly parts and tools are included in your carton. Report any incomplete materials to our customer service representatives immediately.


Important: Do not try to assemble a trampoline without all of the required parts.

Our cutting-edge reference manual is full of full-colour photos, diagrams, and charts that depict the assembly process. The instructions were written by a team of Vuly assembly experts to ensure that the text is simple and straightforward. If the manual is lost or missing from the box, it is available for free on our website on the “Downloads" page.

For your convenience, we have also created an instructional video that depicts a Vuly expert performing full trampoline and safety net assemblies. This fully narrated video begins with the unassembled trampoline components and ends with a completed trampoline and safety net. It is available for free on our website and is tailored to meet the needs of those who are unfamiliar with trampoline assembly.

We hope that these materials will be great resources in your trampoline assembly process. Most customers have little trouble putting the trampoline together and may only need the reference manual as a reminder or confirmation tool. We frequently receive comments from customers who say that their trampoline assembly was extremely easy. A trampoline with a safety net can usually be completely assembled within two and a half hours, although the time may vary depending on the trampoline size. A trampoline that does not include a safety net can be finished in about sixty minutes. Our innovative trampoline design ensures that the assembly process is straightforward, fast, and easy!

Because we want to provide you with the best possible product, we are constantly improving our range of trampolines and trampoline accessories. This may mean the instructions you receive are slightly out of date and refer to a previous model of trampoline. Please note that the product changes will only be minor and should not affect the assembly process. If you are unsure of anything related to your Vuly trampoline, don't worry. Our service team will be happy to walk you through the assembly process and thoroughly answer any questions you may have. Most problems our customers face with assembly are caused by simple misunderstandings and are very easily corrected.

Generally speaking, trampoline assembly is much simpler with the onset of new technology and materials. Trampolines were previously made from very heavy, thick steel. This outdated material immediately made assembly difficult, due to the buyer having to carry and place such heavy pieces together. Today, most people find it extremely easy to assemble a trampoline alone. The individual pieces are lighter and easier to manoeuvre into position than ever before. Similarly, the assembled trampoline can be easily repositioned with the help of one other person navigating the other side.

Although trampolines are considerably lighter than they have been in the past, rest assured that they are safer than ever before. Your family's safety is our highest priority. In fact, Vuly trampolines are rated to hold higher loads of weight than most other trampolines in the recreational market. This is accomplished by the design we use for our trampolines and the way each individual component works with the other pieces to create a strong and supportive trampoline. Adults and children alike are able to enjoy the thrill of bouncing on our trampolines without having to worry that the trampoline cannot accommodate them.

If you experience difficulty during any part of the assembly progression, simply contact one of our friendly customer service team members for assistance. We're here to help!

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