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Trampoline Enclosure

A trampoline enclosure is one of the most important things to consider when installing a trampoline in your backyard. All Vuly trampoline models are sold with a mandatory trampoline enclosure in the best interest of your family's safety and to comply with the Australian Safety Standards.

Vuly Trampolines were the first to pioneer a trampoline enclosure with the safety net attaching directly to the jumping mat on the inner ring of the safety pads. This means there's no chance of fingers and toes slipping through gaps or any contact with the frame edge, thanks to our Elastic-Barrier Safety Net™ trampoline enclosure! The Vuly trampoline enclosure uses a Multi Ring Safety System™ that absorbs shocks with the net poles positioned away from the enclosure, protecting the user from possible collisions. Made from super-strong, super-soft Terylene, this trampoline enclosure is tough but soft on the skin and doesn't graze!

Our trampoline enclosure on Thunder takes safety to a new level with the tallest net poles of any trampoline! With the best bounce, users can jump even higher with confidence knowing that they've got protection from all sides. This trampoline enclosure has fused the jumping mat and safety net into one unit which expels all safety concerns of the classic backyard trampoline. The jumping area on your trampoline is maximised and it doesn't get safer than this! The Thunder Trampoline Enclosure is also engineered and constructed from the hardest wearing material, TenCate Permatron and is guaranteed to last two years - that's four times longer than any other trampoline!

Tips for your trampoline enclosure:

Each trampoline enclosure is designed to reduce possible fall-related injuries by gently guiding wayward bouncers back to the centre of the trampoline for safe bouncing. Your trampoline enclosure net should not be purposely used as a rebounding surface neither from the inside or outside. Watch this video to see how you can easily disassemble your trampoline enclosure to discourage unsupervised trampoline use!

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