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Important: Trampoline Safety

The safety of a trampoline is very important. There are three aspects which should be obeyed to enhance these safety benefits.

1. Every trampoline owner should be using a safe trampoline in a safe environment.

In this case, padding on the frame should be used to avoid injuries if a child accidently hits the frame. It is ideal that the safety pads are a contrasting colour to the mat. Safety pads are designed to completely cover the steel frame and springs of the trampoline and hence, increase the safety benefits.

You should ensure that the area around your trampoline (ideally 1m-2m wide on all sides) is free from any hazards, such as walls, play equipment or garden furniture. There is also a minimum clearance of 8m overhead from the ground level to avoid objects like clotheslines, trees and wires. It is ideal that the clearance area around your trampoline is thickly layered with soft, impact-absorbing material,e.g. pine bark, wood-chips or sand. This should be regularly racked to reduce compacting.

2. Young children bouncing on trampolines should take care when either themselves or someone else is using the trampoline.

A child should never sit on the safety pads or go under the trampoline when someone else is jumping on it, especially infants, as they can suffer serious injuries from falls, pinching and crushing. If the trampoline is not designed for more than one person, then make sure that only one child is bouncing on the trampoline at all times. It is also important to only allow your child to learn high-risk actions, i.e. somersaults, from a highly trained professionals.

The importance of bouncing in the centre of the jumping mat and climbing off the trampoline instead of jumping off cannot be emphasised enough. Children who jump off the trampoline are putting their health in great danger, as many injuries can occur.

3. Trampoline owners must regularly check the condition their trampoline is in. You must make sure that:

* The trampoline mat does not have any holes or rips,

* The springs are intact and securely attached at both ends,

* The frame is not bent, and

* The leg braces are securely locked.

If you notice that your trampoline is not in good condition, then do not use it. It is also important that your children are supervised at all times when bouncing on the trampoline, in particular children under the age of six. Therefore, with all of these safety tips in place, you and your children should be bouncing away safely on their very own safely equipped trampoline.

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