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4 tips for choosing the safest spot for your trampoline!

When you’re assembling your trampoline, that old real estate saying is just as applicable: it all comes down to location, location, location! We’re not just talking about where you get the best views when you bounce; the spot that you choose for your trampoline can also have an impact on the safety and longevity of your Vuly trampoline when its in use.

A fortnight ago, we went through some handy personal safety checks to perform whenever you’re about bounce. What we can often forget, though, is that making sure we’re bouncing in the right place is as important as checking that you’re wearing the right clothes or only bouncing one-at-a-time. Find out what our customers had to say about their Vuly assembly experience. Read their Vuly2 trampoline reviews

Safest spot for your trampoline – Impact-absorbing surfaces


A stable surface is essential. However, there is a difference between ‘stable’ and ‘harsh’. Because it’s almost always level, concrete may seem like the ideal surface onto which to put your trampoline. It isn’t. The force of bouncing onto very hard ground can be damaging to your Vuly’s frame and legs.

Concrete also prevents you from securing your trampoline to the ground using our Anchor Kit and ensuring that it doesn’t move in inclement weather. The ideal surface for setup is firm grass. If you won’t be securing it to the ground, commercial sand, rubber or wood chip is also acceptable.

Safest spot for your trampoline – Adequate clearance


While a shady area is ideal, never place your trampoline directly under or beside a tree. Not only could falling debris damage your trampoline’s net, poles and mat, branches could also cause injury if they drop of if a bouncer jumps into them.

Place your trampoline in a spot that is usually shaded by a building during the hottest parts of the day. If you can’t, our Shade Cover provides great shade for when the kids aren’t bouncing. We always recommend a minimum clearance from ground level of 8 metres. If there are any additional hazards overhead, like wires, provide for additional clearance—just to be safe.

Safest spot for your trampoline – Clear area

Just as it’s important to have vertical clearance, you should also have no obstacles or objects around the trampoline too. Make sure that you have at least 2 metres of free space on all sides of your Vuly.

This open space should be clear of walls and fences, as well as concrete, brick and other hard surfaces. In the extremely unlikely event that one jumps above and beyond our super tall enclosure, you’ll want to be sure that they land on a softer surface.

Safest spot for your trampoline – Good lighting


If your kids love to bounce on their trampoline at night, make sure that they’re able to see what they’re doing when they do. Facing garden spotlights towards the trampoline, outside the 2 m zone, is ideal. That way, they’ll be surefooted when they’re hopping on and off, and they’ll be able to see exactly where they’re bouncing.

Where have you placed your trampoline to ensure that the bouncer is safe? It takes more than just a safe product to have safe bouncing!

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