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Accept no limits on where you<br>assemble your Vuly trampoline.


Accept no limits on where you
assemble your Vuly trampoline.

*Compatible with all Vuly trampolines except Ultra.

$89 Zip Pay or $10 a week
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Create instant level ground with our leveller.
Don’t let a backyard of uneven ground prevent you from setting up your Vuly.

Instant level ground

Assemble your trampoline anywhere by making it even and steady right away.

Engineered for stability

Feel safe when bouncing; Leveller legs are as secure as those on your trampoline.

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Trampoline Accessories

Trampoline Deck

Learn tricks from the safety of your trampoline.


Water Mister

The only way to stay cool on your trampoline or swing set.


Trampoline Extended Warranty

Trampoline Extended Warranty

Get a 3 year extended warranty for your peace of mind.




Turn up the music while playing on your Vuly.



Play anywhere.


You have added basketball set to your cart

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