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Kids Bike Size Chart - Buying Guide For Kids Bikes

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Jun 24, 2021
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Just like children, kid's bikes can come in many different sizes and depending on their skill level or goal for buying a bike, you could be left scratching your head where to start. Kid's bikes can range from 12" to 24", with the number, generally referring to the wheel size in inches. They can also come in different types such as balance bikes, standard pushbikes, bikes with training wheels and BMX bikes

In this post, we tell you where to start and what to look out for.


Kids Bike Size Chart

The first thing to consider is making sure your child can sit and ride the bike comfortably. This is where knowing the different wheel sizes become very important in starting your hunt for the best kids bike for your child. Below are some of the most common kids wheel sizes and the sizes Vuly has in their premium bike range.


 Wheel Diametre 



12 Inch Bikes

2-4 years old 90-102cm

16 Inch Bikes

3-6 years old 99-117cm

20 Inch Bikes

6-9 years old 114-132cm

24 Inch Bikes

8-11 years old 130-150cm


The reason height plays a vital role in choosing a bike boils down to usability. If you choose a bike that is too big, your child may find it hard to stay balance on the bike when idle because their feet can't reach the ground. Another issue they could face is they won't be able to comfortably pedal.

If they purchase a bike that is too small, their knees could cause issues when turning or pedalling due to it reaching the handlebars. Children will also find it harder to balance on the bike due to the smaller bike frame.

So, before purchasing a kids bike, make sure you know what their height is to make choosing a bike for your child easier.

You may ask yourself, "what size bike for a 5-year-old?" or "what size bike for a 9-year-old?" Although bikes can be chosen by age as well, this is less accurate as children can vary in height quite a lot. 

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What Kids Bike Features Are Needed?

Features and add ons on a kids bike can go a long way. They can add additional safety, comfort and longevity to the bike. Here are some key features you don't want to look past on a kids bike.

  • Adjustable Seat: Make sure your kid's bike has adjustable seat, this will make it super easy to have the bike perfect for your child's height. An adjustable seat also means you'll be able to raise the seat as your child grows.

  • Coaster Brakes: Coaster brakes are an essential feature on a kids bike. These type of brakes require little skill or coordination to use, which make them perfect for your little ones to use.

  • Handle Brakes: Although not as intuitive as coaster brakes, having hand brakes is a must-have on all type of bikes. These are useful for more skilled riders.

  • Comfortable Seats: Look for bikes that put an emphasis on comfort. You would want to buy a bike that your child is comfortable with and want to ride on. Comfort becomes super important if you're looking for off-road kids bike, like kids mountain bikes and BMX bikes

  • Lightweight: If a bike is too heavy, your child may experience difficulty manoeuvring and turning the bike 

  • Made from quality material: To tie in the previous point, it is important the kid's bike is constructed from high-quality material. Vuly uses a combination of Steel and Aluminium to maximise weight and durability. The forks are constructed using steel to withstand touch conditions whilst the aluminium bike frame keeps the bike lightweight and easy to ride.

Buying a Kids’ Bike Based on Their Riding Experience

A bike you choose for your kid can vary greatly depending on their riding skill and experience. You wouldn't want to buy a bike where your child wouldn't be able to make the best out of it. Consider where your money is being spent. 

Beginner Riders

If your child is getting on their bike for the first time, consider a balance bike or a bike that has detachable training wheels. These type of bikes help your child build confidence and independence. balance bikes come in one wheel size, the 12 inch, and bikes with training wheels come in 2 sizes; the 12 inch and 16 inch

Intermediate Riders

If your kids are moving on from a balance bike or training wheels, or are comfortable riding by themselves, look for a standard pushbike. The advantage of buying a Vuly kids bike either in 12" or 16" is they can easily transform their beginner bike into an intermediate bike. Bikes for intermediate riders are great for everyday riding, around the park or the neighbourhood.

Advanced Riders

Advanced riders will be looking to get more out of their normal bikes and want to take them off-road. Bikes suitable for advanced riders include our kid's mountain bike range which comes in 20" and 24", and the BMX bikes available in 20" wheels. These bakes are purpose-built and designed to be much stronger. 


View our full range of premium kids bikes here and be sure to check out our other Vuly Products such as our famous backyard trampolines and award-winning swingsets.

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Victor Volynski
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