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12 Inch Balance Bikes

30cm Kids Balance Bikes

For kids aged 2–4  /  
Between 90–102cm (36–40") tall
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No assembly required

Choose the colour of your bike:

20 inch Black
20 inch Orange and Black
12 inch Lime and Black
12 inch Pink and Black
12 inch Blue and Black
24 inch White and Purple
24 inch Navy and Orange
24 inch Silver and Pink
24 inch Silver and Orange
20 inch Pink and Yellow
20 inch Red and White
20 inch Teal and White
20 inch Midnight Blue and Orange
16 inch White and Pink
16 inch Red and Turquoise
12 inch Pink
12 inch Blue and Red
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Toddler Balance Bikes

Create early childhood memories on the Vuly Balance Bike.

Designed for toddlers as training bicycles, the Vuly Balance Bike helps even the littlest one balance and steer - while creating a whole lot of fun and adventure!

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  • arrow_drop_down_circle Frame
    Magnesium Alloy Frame and Forks
  • arrow_drop_down_circle Wheels
    Pneumatic tyres
  • arrow_drop_down_circle Components
    Vuly Grips
    12" Bike
    Vuly rubber stem cover
    Quick Release saddle adjustment
    Integrated rear handle for stability (Saddle with handle)
  • arrow_drop_down_circle Weight
  • arrow_drop_down_circle Other
    Inseam Leg Length Lowest: 300mm
    Inseam Leg Length Highest: 430mm
    Weight Limit of 23kg

Sizing & fit

12" Wheel

Rider Height: 90 - 102cm

16" Wheel

Rider Height: 99 - 117cm

20" Wheel

Rider Height: 114 - 132cm

24" Wheel

Rider Height: 130 - 150cm


More sizes

World-class warranties

Vuly offers a warranty period of:

5 year warranty
Frame and rigid fork
2 year warranty
Suspension fork and other bike components
1 year warranty

Balance bikes are the perfect first bikes for your little ones! They’re purpose-built to teach your child the fundamentals of riding a bike. Getting a balance bike makes sure your toddler or kid can have fun on two wheels, even if they have no experience riding a bike.

This makes them the perfect outdoor toy for first-time bike riders, allowing an easier first step to getting your toddler or kid independently riding.

  • Balance bikes (sometimes referred to as toddlers bikes) are similar to your standard kid's bike but without the drivetrain and pedals. They're also designed with a smaller frame making them suitable for toddlers.

    Our innovative and award-winning team at Vuly Play has added ergonomic features to make your child's first ride a memorable experience. With a convenient handle under the seat, and a footrest for traction and stability, Vuly's balance bikes help even the littlest one balance and steer.

  • Vuly Play delivers Balance bikes Australia-wide.

    Australian Location
    Brisbane & QLD
    Sydney & NSW
    Canberra & ACT
    Melbourne & VIC
    Adelaide & SA
    Hobart & TAS
    Perth & WA
    Darwin & NT
    1-6 days
    1-6 days
    3-6 days
    3-6 days
    4-7 days
    7-12 days
    9-13 days
    10-14 days

    You can also track your order or report a delivery issue.

  • When you purchase a balance bike directly from Vuly or an Authorised Reseller, you can register your product and get access to half-price spare parts for life. Registering also allows you to make warranty claims. You can register here.

    Our Vuly Kids Balance Bikes offer a warranty period of:

    • 5 years for the frame and rigid fork
    • 2 years for the suspension fork and other bike components
    • 1 year for accessories

    Warranty claims can be lodged online here.

    Please contact our customer service team regarding any product return requests.

    For further information on registration, warranty, or returns please contact our customer service team on 1800 282 181 or via email at

  • What age is best for a balance bike?

    Balance bikes are best suited for toddlers aged 18 months or older. Toddlers can move onto kids' bikes with training wheels, once they have mastered the balance bike.

    How do you ride a balance bike?

    Balance bikes don't have a drive train or pedals and are powered by your kids kicking off the ground. Adults can also guide the bike along by holding the handle and seat. Read our tips and tricks to teach your child how to ride a balance bike.

    Do Vuly balance bikes have warranty?

    Be confident in buying a Vuly Balance Bike with a word-class warranty!

    • 5 years warranty on the Frame and Rigid Fork
    • 2 years warranty on the suspension fork and other bike components
    • 1 year on Accessories

    Don't forget to register your Vuly product here

    Balance Bike Safety

    To ensure your child is fitted with the appropriate safety gear, visit our kid's bike accessory page to find all the safety essentials, including kids' bike helmets and safety pads. Read our full guide on kids' bike safety to make sure you tick off everything on the list!

    What makes Vuly's balance bikes the best?

    Our award-winning team designed our Vuly Balance Bikes with a lightweight aluminium frame, making our balance bikes rustproof and durable. It is also ergonomically designed with a footrest for traction and stability and an ergonomic grab handle for easy teaching.

    If you're looking for a step up from the balance bike, be sure to check our kids 12” bike with training wheels or read our full kids bike buying guide to find the perfect bike for your child.

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