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Kids Bikes

Push limits with Vuly's new range of kids' bikes! From Balance Bikes to BMX and Mountain Bikes, there's a bike for every child. Our kids' bikes are some of the best bikes in Australia and come in a variety of different colours and sizes. Made from premium materials that are designed to increase longevity and provide maximum comfort - children’s bicycles just don’t get any better. If you’re in the market for a new kids' bike, don’t look passed Vuly!

Australian owned and operated
Vuly Bikes

24" Kids Bikes For kids aged 8-11+Between 130-150cm (51–59") tall

16" Kids Bikes For kids aged 3-6Between 99–117cm (39–46") tall

12" Balance Bikes For kids aged 2-4Between 90–102cm (36–40") tall

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Kids bicycles (or kids bikes) have been an Aussie favourite for outdoor playtime for decades, and a great way to promote a healthy and active lifestyle! Our award-winning design team has created bikes for kids that will last and are suited for all types of terrain.

Our range includes balance bikes, kids mountain bikes, and BMX bikes. Read our ultimate kids bike buying guide to find the perfect bike for your child.

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  • Vuly’s range of kids bikes is created to help your little ones learn on their first set of wheels to riding like pros on Mountain and BMX bikes! Read some of our tips on how to teach your child to ride a bike.

    Balance Bikes

    Balance bikes are perfect for toddlers and an amazing way to introduce your little one to the wonderful world of cycling. Balance bikes work by teaching your child the fundamentals of riding a bike. Our balance bikes are lighter and small-wheeled compared to other kids' bikes, making them suitable for small hands and bodies. A Vuly balance bike is a fantastic way to help them transition into unsupported pedal bikes when they get a little older. We even have a guide on how to ride a balance bike here.

    Classic Bikes

    Our classic kids’ bikes come in four sizes, the 12 inch, 16 inch, 20 inch and 24 inch. These bikes are a perfect step up from the balance bikes as kids will learn to pedal with the help of detachable training wheels. Training wheels will help build your kid's confidence as they ride solo.

    Kids Mountain Bikes

    Our kid's bikes are equipped with Shimano tourney gearing, allowing your kids to truly put the pedal to the metal wherever they go. Mountain bikes for kids have become a popular option as they progress from the standard kid's bikes as mountain biking provides a range of benefits. With a stylish range of colours, our kid's mountain bikes are a popular option for both boys and girls! Our kid's mountain bikes are designed to be durable, easy to ride, and include a number of features to make riding enjoyable no matter the trail.

    BMX Bikes

    Our BMX bikes are perfect for beginners and pros! Built with hi-tensile steel frames for durability and strength, you won’t need to worry about holding back as you tear up the skate park. There a range of BMX out on the market, but we've put together a BMX buying guide to help you choose.

    Choosing the right bike for your child

    Choosing the right bike for your kid can be a tricky process. With a whole range to choose from with different sizes and uses, we can help you choose the perfect bike for your child or use our handy table below for a quick guide.

    Wheel Size
    Vuly Bike
    2-4 years old
    90cm - 102cm
    3-6 years old
    99cm - 117cm
    6-9 years old
    114cm - 132cm
    8-11 years old
    130cm - 150cm

    Buy a kid's bike through one of our authorised resellers or shop directly from our website.

    Buying a Vuly Kids Bike

    We've made buying your child a bike easy, with our online shopping options. Browse and order one of our popular bikes and bikes accessories from the comfort of your own home. 

  • Vuly Play delivers Kids bikes Australia-wide.

    Australian Location
    Brisbane & QLD
    Sydney & NSW
    Canberra & ACT
    Melbourne & VIC
    Adelaide & SA
    Hobart & TAS
    Perth & WA
    Darwin & NT
    1-6 days
    1-6 days
    3-6 days
    3-6 days
    4-7 days
    7-12 days
    9-13 days
    10-14 days

    You can also track your bike order or report a delivery issue.

  • When you purchase a Vuly Kids Bike directly from Vuly or an Authorised Reseller, you can register your bike and get access to half price spare parts for life. Registering also allows you to make warranty claims. You can register here.

    Warranty periods are set per Vuly product. See our warranty information here.

    Warranty claims can be made online here.

    Please contact our customer service team regarding any product return requests.

    For further information on registration, warranty, or returns please contact our customer service team on 1300 667 514 or via email at sales@vulyplay.com.

  • Vuly has a rating of Excellent from www.productreview.com.au.

    Our children’s play equipment has been recognised for excellence in design, winning a Good Design Award® in the Sports and Lifestyle category. We also received acknowledgment as a Gold Winner for our Thunder Trampoline.

    We regularly donate products to support charities, schools, and government organisations. Find out more about Vuly Sponsorship.

  • Vuly continues to push limits in outdoor and indoor play. Check some of our new and upcoming Vuly products

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