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Swing Set Comparison - Bunnings, Big W, Target, Kmart, Plum Play, Vuly Play

Posted on
Jun 24, 2022
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Vuly Swing Sets 

Vuly Play is an Australian company based in Brisbane. Vuly Play creates state-of-the-art play equipment for kids of all ages including trampolines, monkey bars and swing sets. 

Vuly Play swing sets are some of the most unique and fun on the market. By way of innovation, Vuly has created a range of modulized swings that are completely unlike anything on the market. 

Some of Vuly Play’s best swings include the 360 spins wing, which replicates the adrenaline of a skateboard half pipe, a cubby swing which provides cover in sun and rain and a wrecking ball swing - which speaks for itself! 

With adjustable swing set frame sizes, the possibilities are endless with what you can build - create your very own swing set arrangement using the online builder. 

 Huge Swing Set Sale

Bunnings Swing Sets 

Bunnings is an Australian hardware chain that stocks just about everything. They are owned by Wesfarmers and operate in both Australia and New Zealand.

Bunnings has a range of swing sets from third party providers including Swing Slide Climb, Backyard Discovery and Lifespan Kids. 

Bunnings swing sets include a variety of wooden and metal swing sets. The swing sets available are mostly limited to seat swings, however there are some swing sets that also feature trapeze swings and seesaw swings. 

Most of the swings in the Bunnings range are quite cheap. Many of them come with some kind of integrated treehouse/ cubby, often also featuring a slide. These set ups would be more suitable for younger children. 

Many of the swing sets that Bunnings sells are available for pick up in store or can be delivered. A delivery fee is payable if shipping is required. These are DIY style swing sets that can be fun to build with the kids.  

bunnings swing set.jpg


Big W Swing Sets 

Big W is a discount department store chain that operates in Australia. They are a subdivision of the Woolworths Group, which is owned by Wesfarmers. 

Big W stocks swing sets from 2 brands: Lifespan Kids and Plum. Most of the Big W swing set range is made from wood, although they do also stock metal swing sets. Most of the swing sets are also quite basic seat swings and have traditional frames. There are only 2 swing sets in the Big W lineup that feature a cubby house/ treehouse. 

Most Big W swing sets are not able to be picked up, instead they must be ordered online. This is presumably because they are shipped directly from the third party suppliers. There is a modest delivery fee that needs to be considered when purchasing.  


big w swing set.jpg


Target Swing Sets 

Target is an American big box department store chain. Target also has physical stores in Australia, and makes sales in many other countries via the web. 

Target stocks a range of swing sets from kids play equipment brands such as Backyard Discovery, Lifespan Kids, KidKraft, Outsunny, Little Tikes, Qaba Kids, XDP Recreation, Sportspower, Costway, Skywalker and others.  

Target swing sets are perhaps the most diverse of any other retailer due to the sheer volume of partners they work with. Target swing sets are made of a variety of materials, with options for wooden, plastic and metal swing sets. There are also options for swing sets thata re attached to larger playgrounds with treehouses and cubbies. 

Many of the swing sets are not available for pick up and must be ordered online. Items are often stock and shipped by third parties. 

target swing set.jpg


Kmart Swing Sets 

Kmart is an American big box department store chain. Kmart Australia is a separate entity that is owned by Wesfarmers. 

Kmart has a very limited range of swing sets. Most of these are very small and don’t come with a frame - these would be suitable for small children and can be attached to trees or top bars. 

Kmart also has the 8 Station Swing Set, which an updated model of the 7 Station Swing Set. This is a relatively large swing set that features a slide, mini trampoline, basketball hoop and 5 swings - a seat swing, seesaw swing, ladder swing, nest swing, and foot swing. The Kmart 8 Station Swing Set is very affordable, but each swing has a weight limit of only 45Kg, while the mini trampoline can only handle 25Kg. 

Kmart swing sets need to be either ordered online or purchased via click and collect. 

kmart swing set.jpg


Plum Play Swing Sets

Plum Play is a company that has brand offices in Sydney Australia, but with operations in Hong Kong. Plum Play makes various play equipment, including trampolines, swing sets, slides and climbing frames. 

Plum Play has a range of different swing sets made from wood and metal. Most of the swing sets Plum Play offers are quite traditional and have seat swings and a frame for 1-2 swings. However, Plum Play also offers the 5-Unit Metal Swing. 

Some Plum Play swing sets include slides, climbing features as well as unusual swing types such as nest swings and trapeze swings. 

Plum Play offers a range of swings for different age groups, but many have weight limits that limit older children from playing - 50Kg is the maximum weight capacity for many swings. The range is quite affordable, but customers should keep in mind that shipping costs are calculated on top of shown website prices.  

Another brand that sells Plum Play swing sets is ToysRUs.


plum play swing set.jpg


In the next article, we compare monkey bars from Bunnings, Big W, Target, Kmart, Plum Play and Vuly Play

Victor Volynski
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Victor Volynski
Content marketer with expertise in innovative play equipment, Vic is always following the latest trends and developments in this area and trying to find the best options for maximum fun! Vic is also an ex-gymnast with 20 years of experience and holds a science degree, making him an authority on trampolines, monkey bars, and swing sets.
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