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Bunnings Swing Sets Vs Vuly Swing Sets | Complete Guide

Posted on
Feb 05, 2023
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Bunnings swing sets

Bunnings is an Australian hardware store that also sells a large range of kids' outdoor toys including swing sets. The Bunnings swing set range comprises of products originally procured from a range of brands including: Swing Slide Climb, Backyard Discovery, Lifetime, Lifespan Kids and others.

Bunnings has a range of kids' swing sets that range from $68.45 to $3799, with most midrange swing sets costing between $1000 to $1500. Some sets can be collected from the store, but shipping is a more popular option. Often Bunnings also charges an additional shipping fee for products, which for larger sets can be as much as $175.

There are both wooden and metal swing sets in the catalog, with some of the higher-end sets consisting of entire playground sets with slides, climbing equipment and other features.

Vuly swing sets

Vuly is a premium seller of kids' play equipment including trampolines, monkey bars and swing sets. Unlike Bunnings, Vuly’s swing sets are completely original and customisable. The range available at Vuly are completely modularised, which means that you can customise the size, accessories and even arrangement of the swing set to your liking.

The swing accessories offered at Vuly are also much more diverse and include everything from basketball hoops to soccer goals and a huge range of swing attachments. These include completely unique swings such as the 360 spin swing which mimics a skateboard half pipe as well as wrecking balls and seesaw swings.

All of Vuly’s swing sets are made from steel and covered in a special powder coating to resist UV light and rusting. They are tested using both mechanical and environmental tests to make sure they last for years to come, including by subjecting them to a rain simulation and 500,000 swings under load.



Table 1: Bunnings Vs Vuly Swing Set Differences




Price range

 $68.45 - 3799  $759 - 3,188

Product Originality 

 Resold from other brands Original products


Wood, metal   Metal

Weight Rating

 35-50Kg  65Kg


 $0 - 175  FREE


Bunnings Swing Set - Swing Slide Climb 7 Function Swing Set ($208 + shipping)

Bunnings Swing Set - Swing Slide Climb 7 Function Swing Set.jpgMade by Swing Slide Climb, this is one of the cheaper swings at Bunnings. It’s made of powder-coated metal and designed for smaller children. Featuring a slide, basketball ring, 2 seat swings, a seesaw swing and a trapeze swing - this small swing set brings a lot of fun to the backyard!

The swing set is quite long at 4.6m and is recommended for children between 3 and 12 years of age. The design is not especially stable, each swing allowing a maximum load of 35 kg. This is corroborated in the reviews.


Bunnings swing set - Lifespan Kids Junior Jungle Panama ($1399 + shipping)

Bunnings swing set - Lifespan Kids Junior Jungle Panama.jpgThe Lifespan Kids Junior Jungle Panama is one of the Bunnings midrange swing set options. This playset is much more premium than the previous one - sitting at 3.9m long, it has a modularised design that allows for significant customisation.

Children will love this set because of how diverse it is - with monkey bars, climbing features, 2 different swings and a set of bars, this swing set will provide years of fun for the kids. It’s made from galvanized and powder-coated steel to ensure longevity against environmental damage.


Bunnings swing set - Lifetime Swing Slide Climb Everest Playset ($2299 + shipping)

Bunnings swing set - Lifetime Swing Slide Climb Everest Playset.jpgLifetime Swing Slide Climb Everest Playset is a unique playset that’s fashioned after a castle tower. This is a more premium set that features an elevated clubhouse, slide, climbing ladder and 2 swings. It’s made from powder-coated steel and UV-resistant plastic.

At 5.1m long and 153.9Kg, this awesome swing set will bring years of fun for small children.


Bunnings Swing Set - Backyard Discovery Skyfort II Swing and Play Set ($3,799)

Bunnings Swing Set - Backyard Discovery Skyfort II Swing and Play Set.jpgThe Backyard Discovery Skyfort II Swing and Play Set is the most premium swing set playground available at Bunnings. Made by Backyard Discovery, this set is made primarily from wood.

This awesome 6.9m long, 328 kg outdoor toy features a raised clubhouse and crow’s nest, a 3m long slippery slide, a climbing wall, 3 swings and a monkey bars. Despite the product’s price, replacement parts only have a 12-month warranty while the wood has a 3-year warranty for rot.


Vuly Swing Sets

vuly swing sets.jpgVuly offers 3 major swing sets - which differ in the size of their swing frames. These include the medium swing set, large swing sets and the 360 Max Pro swing sets. Medium swings allow for 2 swing attachments, large swing sets allow for 3 swing attachments, while the 360 Max Pro swing sets allow for up to 6 swing attachments!

All the swing sets are modularised and completely customisable using Vuly’s online swing set builder. These toys meet Australian safety standards and come with additional safety features such as shade covers.

Vuly’s swing sets range from $859 to $3,288. Although they are more expensive generally, they are typically better quality. Vuly offers longer warranties as well - with up to 10 years on the frame and half-price parts for life for all existing customers!


Learn more swing set brand comparisons in our article: Vuly Swing Sets compare to other brands

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