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Big W Swing Sets Vs Vuly Swing Sets

Posted on
Feb 05, 2023
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Big W Swing Sets


At Big W, you can find a wide selection of swing sets in various materials, sizes, and designs. Despite this, Big W’s swing set range is mostly very basic and does not bring much innovation to the table. They are also resold from other brands and are not original products. Even so, the simple range can be appealing to the right customer. 

Big W’s swing sets come in 3 different styles: baby swings, traditional swings and backyard playgrounds. These swings sets are not particularly special, but they do come at a significant discount compared to some other brands. 


Vuly Swing Sets


Vuly’s swing sets on the other hand are completely unique and have original designs. One of the best selling points for these swings is that they are completely customisable. Vuly’s swing sets are modulised and can be expanded up to 6 swings per set in various spatial arrangements.

On top of this, there are countless accessories for these swing sets. These include unique swing attachments like yoga swings, spin swings and wrecking balls! These swings are made from powder coated steel frames for durability and are put through 500,000 test swings to make sure they last for years to come. They also come with a shade cover to keep kids out of the sun!  



Table 1: Big W Vs Vuly Swing Set Differences


Big W 


Price range

 $74.50 - 1,399  $759 - 3,188

Product Originality 

 Resold from other brands Original products


Wood, metal   Metal

Weight Rating

 50Kg  65Kg


 $39 - 137  FREE


Big W - Baby Swing Set (Action Nest Swing)


The action nest swing is one of Big W’s smallest swings, and is made of powder-coated steel for increased durability. It’s a relatively barebones swing set, consisting of a traditional swing frame and a soft ‘nest’ cushion that children can swing on. 

This swing is 115cm tall and is a freestanding concept with ground anchorage. Despite this, it’s very light at only 16.4Kg, and because of this, doesn’t have a huge amount of stability. Big W claims this swing set is suitable for children between the ages of 3 and 10, but larger children may cause significant shaking of the swing frame - which has no specified weight limit. 


big w baby swing.jpg




Big W - Kids Swing Set (Lifespan Kids Forde 2 Double Swing & Glider)


The Big W - Kids Swing Set (Lifespan Kids Forde 2 Double Swing & Glider) is resold from Lifespan Kids, and consists of a treated wooden frame and 3 swings - including 2 seat swings and a glider swing. The glider swing is capable of sitting 2 kids at the same time, providing an extra level of fun!  

The swing set stands at 202cm tall and 290cm across. It comes with ground anchors, adjustable and interchangeable seats giving it some customisation. Each swing has a 50Kg capacity (which is also the total for the glider). This means that the combined total capacity for the glider is only 50Kg, making it only suitable for smaller children. 

 big w kids swing.jpg


Big W - Playground Swing Set (Plum Lookout Tower Backyard Playcentre)


The Big W - Playground Swing Set (Plum Lookout Tower Backyard Playcentre) is resold from Plum Play. It’s a small wooden playground which consists of a cubby, rock climbing wall, slide, ball pit and 2 swings. It also has nice little add ons such as binoculars and a steering wheel. 

Although the wood is treated to inhibit rot and environmental damage, Big W recognises that splints may occur in the wood as a consequence of the material. The claim is that this won’t affect the structural integrity of the playground swing set in the medium term, but the splintering may need to be sanded to avoid damage to children’s hands. These are DIY style swing sets that the kids will love building with you.  

This Big W swing set sits at 242cm high and 364cm across. At 160Kg, this swing set is quite heavy but benefits from higher stability. It’s also Big W’s most expensive swing set.   

 big w playground swing set.jpg


Vuly - Medium Swing Set

The Vuly Medium Swing Set is Vuly’s smallest swing set. It comes with Vuly’s signature powder coated frame, shade cover and 2 swing attachments of your choice. 


Vuly - Large Swing Set

Vuly’s Large Swing Set is very similar to the Medium Swing Set but comes with 3 swing attachments instead of 2. 


Vuly - Pro Max Swing Set

The Pro Max Swing Set is Vuly’s largest swing set. It comes with up to 6 swing attachments and can be arranged in either a straight line or an L shape. There is also an option to incorporate a cubby house with a sand pit within this design!   


Vuly swing accessories:

Vuly gives you the ultimate ability to customize your swing set! Vuly’s swing set accessories include:


Ring Swings, Cubby Swings, Nest Swings, Spin Swings, Wrecking Balls, Seesaw Swings, Monkey Swings, Toddler Swings, Bunce Swings, Seat Swings and Bed Swings,   

Vuly also allows for attachments such as basketball hoops and soccer goals to be attached directly to the swing set for maximum fun! 

Big W and Vuly aren't the only brands that sell swing sets in Australia. Read our article about the full brand swing set comparison to find out more. 


Learn more swing set brand comparisons in our article: Vuly Swing Sets compare to other brands


Victor Volynski
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Victor Volynski
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