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ToysRUs Swing Sets Vs Vuly Swing Sets

Posted on
Feb 05, 2023
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ToysRUs swing sets

Toys R Us is a brand that’s been around for a long time. For a long time, this brand could be seen on street corners and was an iconic kids brand in Australia. More recently, Toys R Us has transitioned into an online-only model, where they have no physical stores.  

This kids' brand was known for everything from lego blocks and playing cards to bigger outdoor toys such as bikes and playground equipment. Among the many wonderful things Toys R Us sells are the Toys R Us swing sets. The range of swing sets are primarily resold from other brands. The 2 most prominent swing set brands in their catalog are Plum Play and Lifespan Kids. 

The Toys R Us catalog is quite diverse, the range consisting of both toddler swings as well as swing sets designed for older children. The designs consist of both wooden and metal swing sets. Most are quite ordinary, but there are some interesting swings including the nest swing and trapeze swings besides the usual seat swings.  


Vuly Swing Sets

Vuly is a company based in Brisbane that designs and sells its own unique swing set products. The Vuly swing sets are more expensive, but are better built and feature a number of one of the kind designs that can’t be found anywhere else.  

All of Vuly’s swing sets are made out of powder coated steel and are stress-tested in a number of environmental conditions for longevity, including by rain and UV light. They are also put through rigorous usage testing that comprises of 500,000 swings - simulating 5 years of play for a 60Kg user. 

The number of accessories that Vuly offers is truly unmatched, and the swing sets are super customisable, creating an endless amount of possibilities to fit any backyard. 



Table 1: ToysRUs Vs Vuly Swing Set Differences




Price range

 $49 - 699.95  $759 - 3,188

Product Originality 

 Resold from other brands Original products


Wood, metal   Metal

Weight Rating

 22- 50Kg  65Kg


 $7.95 - 195  FREE


ToysRUs swing set - Lifespan Kids Holt 2-Station Timber Swing Set ($289.00 + shipping)

This swing set is a very traditional swing set consisting of a wooden frame and 2 seat swings. It’s made from New Zealand Pine, and has ACQ treatment against fungi, UV treated seats, and adjustable and interchangeable seats. It also comes with an anchor kit for better stability. 

The swing allows for children of up to 50Kg to use it, and is recommended for children between the ages of 3 and 12. 

 Lifespan Kids Holt 2-Station Timber Swing Set.jpg

ToysRUs swing set - Plum Premium Metal Nest Swing with Mist ($449.95 + shipping)

This is one of the ToysRUs store’s more eccentric swing set designs. Made by Plum Play, this metal swing set features a ‘nest’ swing that allows up to 2 children to sit in the middle at a time. This swing set is powder coated inside and out for better rust resistance. 

The nest swing has a combined user capacity of 100Kg and allows for more diverse play. The swing set also features a mist spray that can cool children off during summer!

 ToysRUs swing set - Plum Premium Metal Nest Swing with Mist.jpg


ToysRUs swing set - Plum Meerkat Wooden Swing Set ($999.95)


ToysRUs swing set - Plum Meerkat Wooden Swing Set.jpg

This is the most premium and expensive swing set sold at ToysRUs. Even at this price point, ToysRUs only offer a 12-month warranty. 

It features a seat swing and seesaw swing as well as a slide and climbing rope. The swing set is made out of pressure-treated wood, and has a user capacity of 50Kg per swing. It comes with ground anchors and is recommended for children between the ages of 3 and 12. 

Unlike some of the cheaper options, this swing set provides a full playground experience. Kids can not only swing, but they can climb and slide. These features make for a ton more fun, and an outdoor toy that’s not as easily forgotten. 



Vuly swing sets

vuly swing sets.jpg

Vuly’s swing sets are modularised, which means that you can build a swing set that has the exact features that you want. Vuly’s website provides an online builder that can allow you to customize your set to your liking.

One of Vuly’s biggest selling points is their attention to safety. Everything is tested literally thousands of times and product safety reviews are conducted to make sure everything meets Australian safety standards. On top of this, Vuly goes up and beyond by providing secondary safety features such as shade covers which keep children from getting burnt while having fun. 

Vuly offers medium, large and 360 Pro Max size options. These largely symbolize how big the frame is, and therefore how many accessories it can fit. Medium swing sets can fit 2 swings, large ones can fit 3 and the 360 Max Pro version can fit up to 6 different swings and a cubby house! 

The swing set accessories that Vuly offers are also much more unique than those offered by other brands. This is exemplified by awesome designs like the 360 Pro swing, which features a rotating skate deck simulating a skateboard halfpipe. Another great swing that Vuly offers is the wrecking ball swing - which as the name suggests - features a little wrecking ball that children can swing on. 

Although Vuly’s swing sets are more expensive, they’re good value for money. All purchases come with free shipping and fast delivery Australia-wide. Vuly also offers lengthy warranties, with the option to purchase extended warranties. In addition to this, once the warranty expires, Vuly customers have access to half price parts for life - what a great deal! 


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