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Trampoline Pictures & Videos Guide

Posted on
Jan 15, 2016
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With all the movement and fun, sometimes it can be hard to snap the perfect photo or video of your kids on their Vuly trampoline. For many parents, these bounces and joyful shouts are memories that you want to keep; however, shooting through the net—or capturing only blur—can be disappointing. Apart from shooting in sunny days, there are plenty of ways that you can easily improve your shots!

Given that our latest competition involves you submitting to us your best photo or video of a family member on your Vuly trampoline (to potentially win $250 worth of Vuly accessories!), we thought that it was the perfect time to give you some helpful tips on how to get the best results.

Tips for trampoline bouncing shots: Elevate the shooter


This tip is equally valuable when taking either photos or videos! Although it keeps your kids from being injured, Vuly’s Silk Terylene safety enclosure also makes it a little difficult to get a clear shot while a user bouncing—especially if they’re small.

Try shooting the photo or video atop an A-frame ladder, looking down into the trampoline. You’ll get a much clearer shot than you would from ground level. Height also makes the photo or video feel more open, as though the bouncer really could spread those arms and fly away!

Tips for trampoline pictures: Control shutter speed


While most mobile phone cameras don’t have the ability to tinker with shutter speeds, if you use a dedicated camera, you should be able to manually boost the sharpness of your photos. Crank up the shutter speed into the hundreds, or choose a ‘sports mode’ that does this for you, to eliminate any motion blur.

If shutter speed is higher, the camera doesn’t spend as long collecting visual information. Basically, the quicker the snap, the less time there is for your subject to move and blur the image.

Tips for trampoline bouncing videos: Minimise wind


In so many videos, the sound of wind on the camera’s microphone can muffle all the laughter and cheering. A strong breeze can also undermine a good photo if your kids have long hair; it’ll cover those smiles with a tangle of locks.

If you don’t want to miss the moment by taking your video or photo on a less windy day, find which way the wind is blowing and shoot with your back to it. This way, your kids’ hair will blow backwards and you can easily block a majority of the wind from reaching the microphone with your body or a hat.

Tips for trampoline bouncing shots: Hold the pose

Even if you would prefer more candid photos, sometimes in can help to truly capture the moment by encouraging your kids to ‘act out’ a little while bouncing. Exaggerating body movements and holding poses and arms up at the peak of a bounce can do wonders when trying to get the most fun from your pictures.

What are your tips for taking the best photos and videos? Have you submitted your best to our new year competition yet?

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Victor Volynski
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Victor Volynski
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