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Gorilla Swing Sets vs Vuly Swing Sets

Posted on
Dec 01, 2023
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Gorilla Playsets and Vuly Play are 2 companies that make swing sets and playsets. Both companies have a variety of swing sets to choose from with their own unique advantages. 

This article will serve as a guide to compare and contrast the offerings from both companies and to provide you with the knowledge you need to choose the right product for your backyard!

Table 1: Gorilla Swing Sets Vs Vuly Swing Sets 

Feature Vuly Swing Sets Gorilla Swing Sets
Price Range (USD) $1010 to $1,640 (Full price) $299 to $7,999 (Full price)
Material Durable powder-coated steel frame Wood and Plastic
Warranty 7 years steel components, 3 years non-steel components Lifetime on wood components, 1-2 years on non-wood components
Weight Limit 176 lbs per swing Typically 150-250 lbs (per swing/slide)
Modular Customisation  Yes No



Vuly Play Swing Sets

Vuly is an Australian brand that sells products internationally, including in the USA. Swing sets are one of Vuly's signature toys, and there's definitely some variety to choose from! 

Vuly produces elegant swing sets made from galvanized and powdered steel - which keeps frames in top condition for years to come - making sure that they have UV and rust protection. Every product Vuly produces is vigorously tested by water, UV exposure as well as physical strain. 

One of Vuly's main principles is safety. All of Vuly's swing sets are made with safety at front of mind. Vuly is also known for entrepreneurship. Vuly's swingsets try to incorporate new and unique designs that can't be found in other brands. These include such swings as their 360 spin swing, which allows kids to simulate a skateboard half pipe; and hanging cubby swing, where kids can enjoy Vuly's swinging experience while tucked away in a comfortable cubby. 


 Huge Swing Set Sale


Gorilla Playsets Swing Sets

Gorilla Playsets is a company based in Georgia, USA. They sell their own branded swing sets as well as swing sets from Swing-n-Slide. 

Gorilla Playsets make a variety of playsets and swing sets mostly from cedar wood and plastic. They claim that the cedar wood naturally reduces rot, insect damage and mildew. They also take care to use recessed bolts and rounded corners on all structures for added safety. 

Most of their equipment has 2 floors, allowing kids to scale various climbing features, play in the upper levels, and slide back down. 

Their playsets are generally larger and therefore support greater weight. On the flip side, they cost significantly more and it means you need more space in the backyard. 

Although Gorilla Playsets offers many types of swing sets, they are pretty standard, and what you would expect from a typical children's playground. 


gorilla swing sets.jpg


Medium Swing Set - Cheapest Vuly Swing Set ($1010)


medium swing set vuly.jpg



The medium swing set is the smallest and cheapest wing set offered by Vuly. It has 2 swing attachments and has attachments like basketball hoops and soccer goals which can be purchased separately. The swings themselves are completely customizable, with 9 different swings to choose from! 

This swing set stands at 7'4" H, 6'10" W  & 10'9" L when fully assembled and is perfect for smaller urban backyards. 


Basic Swing Set - Cheapest Gorilla Playsets Swing Set ($299)gorilla absic swing set.jpg

This is the most basic swing set available at Gorilla PLysets. It features 2 standard swings and a trapeze swing. For a small swing set, it gets all the basics right. It's sturdy, and has pinch free chain design. 

Each swing supports up to 115 pounds. It measures 104"L x 92"W x 82"H when fully assembled. 


Large Swing Set - Mid Range Vuly Swing Set ($1220)

large swing set vuly.jpg

Similar to Vuly's mediums wing set, the large swing set has a very similar linear build. However, instead of 2 swings, this one has the capacity for 3. Again, the swings are completely customisable. There are 9 options to choose from including monkey swings, cubby swings and 360 spins wings. 

This swing set stands at 7'4" H, 6'10" W  & 14'7" L when fully assembled and is perfect for medium sized backyards. 


Chateau Swing Set - Mid Range Gorilla Playsets Swing Set ($2,199)gorilla swing set medium.jpg

The Chateau Swing Set is a medium-sized playset from Gorilla PLaysets that features a slide, climbing wall, ladder, 3 swings and a sand pit. It also has a telescope and noughts and crosses spinning blocks. 

This swing set has mostly positive reviews. The only thing people pick on is the building process, instructions and the splitting of timber over time. 

Once fully built, it stands at Dimensions: 19'W x 11'H x 14'D. 


360 Pro Max Swing Set - Most Expensive Vuly Swing Set ($1740+)

Max Swing Set.jpg

Due to the modular nature of Vuly's products, the 360 Pro Max Swing Set allows for up to 6 swing attachments, in addition to a cubby sand pit. The configuration is available to both linear and L shape designs to fit any backyard. 

In the linear arrangement, Vuly's ultimate swing set stands at dimensions:  7'4" H, 6'10" W  & 35'9" L.



Empire Extreme Swing Set - Most Expensive Gorilla Playsets Swing Set ($7,999)


large gorilla playsets swing set.jpg

The Empire Extreme Swing Set is the largest and most expensive swing set from Gorilla Playsets. It's truly huge and features 3 slides, monkey bars, climbing walls and ladders, a sandpit, 3 floors, and even a bridge! 

The construction is not for the faint of heart and professional installation is highly recommended. When fully built it stands at 27'W x 23'D x 13'H. 




Victor Volynski
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Victor Volynski
Content marketer with expertise in innovative play equipment, Vic is always following the latest trends and developments in this area and trying to find the best options for maximum fun! Vic is also an ex-gymnast with 20 years of experience and holds a science degree, making him an authority on trampolines, monkey bars, and swing sets.
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