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Trampoline Maintenance Tips

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Jun 17, 2011
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So, you've decided to buy a Vuly Trampoline – congratulations!

We pride ourselves on being the most knowledgeable and well-rounded company in the industry and know that your family will be thrilled with your new purchase.

Your new Vuly trampoline is an investment and we would like to help you keep it in excellent condition for years to come.

Vuly is a customer service based corporation and we love hearing from you. One of the most frequently asked questions we receive from our buyers is, "How do I properly care for and maintain my new trampoline?" The good news is that trampolines have made incredible advances in design and technology over the years, making them more durable than ever before. In fact, trampolines require very little maintenance—making them a hassle-free choice for family fun. Here are some of our best tips to keep your new Vuly trampoline and accessories in tip-top condition:

Trampoline Part Replacements

Although individual circumstances may vary, Vuly recommends the following list as a guideline for equipment replacements:

    • Safety nets should be replaced every two years.
    • Safety foam should be replaced every two years.
    • Safety pads should be replaced every three to four years.
    • Trampoline frames should be replaced every 10 years.


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Trampoline Weather Precautions

We recommend that you store your new Vuly trampoline and all safety accessories out of the weather if they will not be used for an extended period of time. This will slow the wearing process. Proper protection will ensure that your trampoline operates well, long after it has been purchased.

Trampolines must be protected in inclement weather. Heavy rains and high winds could cause your new trampoline to become airborne, which may damage homes, cars, and other properties. To prevent this, trampolines should always be anchored to the ground. We also recommend covering the trampoline with an appropriate protective cover in severe conditions.


What To Do With Your Trampoline In Winter

If possible, we recommend disassembling and carefully storing your trampoline and all accessories in a dry, sunless area during winter. This will save your trampoline from constant exposure to snow, ice, and extreme temperatures, which can cause the safety pads to crack. If storing the trampoline is not possible, cover it with an appropriate protective cover to minimise wear.

Wipe water off the trampoline surface with a clean cloth; this is better than allowing it to dry in the sun. Failure to wipe the surface may result in residual spots that are formed from the water after it has dried. While this will not affect the quality or safety of your trampoline, it won't look great.


what to do with a trampoline in winter (1).jpg


Trampoline Safety Inspections

For your family's safety, we advise that you carefully inspect your trampoline for any damage before each use. This is simple and only takes a few moments. If any damage is detected, promptly replace the unsuitable components before allowing jumpers back on the trampoline.


    • Check padding for damage, deterioration, or improper attachments. The bed should not sag. Do not use any soaps or detergents on the jumping pad. Additionally, do not use any harsh cleaners such as bleach, ammonia, or similar chemicals.
    • The bed and edge systems should show no signs of damage. This includes, but is not limited to, punctures, frays, tears, holes, loose stitching, etc. Important: Do not use your trampoline if there are any holes present on the jumping pad.
    • Keep the jumping pad free of debris and other objects. In addition to posing a safety risk to jumpers, some objects may puncture the jumping surface.
    • Inspect springs for stretching or damage.
    • Regularly inspect that the safety netting pole screws are present, undamaged, and tightly fastened.
    • To prevent injury, always check for bends in the safety netting poles.
    • Check welded areas, such as underneath the padding, for developing rust patterns. The Vuly trampoline range are double galvanized to prevent the oxidization of the steel; however, surface rust may still occur. Rust can easily be removed with a rust-specific cleaning agent and a sturdy cloth. To avoid premature wear on the galvanized finish, do not use harsh scrubbers or steel wool.
    • Inspect the area for protrusions, such as sticks, rocks, or sharp objects. Do not allow jumpers to use the trampoline until the protrusions are cleared away.

Note: For a more complete list of safety inspections, please refer to our Vuly instruction text on our website.

Additional Trampoline Maintenance Tips

    • Please ensure that trampolines are positioned at a safe distance away from bonfires, torches, fireworks, sparklers, or other hazards. Stray sparks or embers may damage the trampoline jumping mat, safety padding, safety nets, and other accessories.
    • To avoid squeaking from the trampoline frame, apply a multi-purpose grease lubricant to the inside of the joints prior to the assembly of the frame.
    • Do not allow children to pull themselves onto the trampoline by holding onto the padding or safety nets. This may cause damage or injury. Similarly, never use springs or suspension elements as hand-grips for getting on or off the trampoline. Check out our stepladder, which is specifically designed to help jumpers safely mount and dismount the trampoline.
    • For your safety, we strongly discourage allowing pets to be on or around the jumping area. Sharp claws can damage the fabric-based material, including the jumping mat, safety netting, and safety padding.
    • Don't have any objects underneath the trampoline while it is in use. Carefully check for such objects before jumping.
    • We recommend placing the trampoline on a soft, level surface, such as grass. Using the trampoline on hard or unforgiving surfaces puts more pressure on the frame joints and can lead to damage.
    • As the leader in top-quality products, we strongly advise that all replacement parts and accessories be purchased through Vuly. As we cannot control the quality of other companies' parts, any other branded components or components that are not specified for use by Vuly will void the warranty on your product.

Do you have further questions, comments, or suggestions? Please contact us by visiting our website or calling our Vuly headquarters!

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Victor Volynski
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