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Things To Do This Easter Long Weekend! 2021 Edition

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Mar 25, 2021
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The Easter long weekend is approaching and I bet you’re looking for the perfect long weekend activity to do with your family.

Vuly has handpicked our top 5 activities to ensure your family don’t waste this long weekend stuck at home, bored. We’ve got a good mix of outdoor and indoor easter weekend activities for everyone in the family to enjoy.

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Top 5 Easter Weekend Activities


1. Lookout for local Easter activities near you!

we've got some of our favourites below.

Brisbane Easter Long Weekend Extravaganza Friday, 2 April - Monday, 5 April
Sydney Sydney Royal Easter Show Thursday, 1 April - Monday, 12 April
Melbourne Miller's Easter Fun Saturday, 3 April
Melbourne Easter Egg Hunt @ Warratina Lavender Farm Saturday, 3 April - Sunday, 4 April
Adelaide Easter at the Barossa Valley Chocolate Company Wednesday, 31 March - Sunday, 4 April
Perth Elizabeth Quay Fun Fair Saturday, 3 April - Wednesday, 7 April


2. Go to the beach

Have some fun in the sun and take your family to the beach. Bring along your kids’ sandcastle kit or your favourite beach sports gear for a fun-filled day. And of course, a sandy getaway wouldn’t be complete without a Vuly Beach Wagon. Bring all your beach favourites and more with our easy to use beach cart.


3. Hold your very own Easter egg hunt

Buy a bunch of chocolatey goodies to hide from your kids. Your backyard could be their very own easter themed treasure map. Hide some goodies in the garden, under the seats, inside the dog kennel, or even in a Vuly Trampoline. Your kids will have a tonne of fun knowing they’ll be able to enjoy their sugary treasures afterward!

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4. Go for a family picnic

Pack some snacks, drinks, and outdoor play equipment and bring them to your favourite park. A relaxing family picnic is a great way to enjoy the outdoors and bond with your family. You could even hold a mini easter egg hunt. Pack all your picnic essentials and favourites in Vuly’s Rover Wagon, which acts as a perfect picnic cart.


5. Visit the galleries or museums

Take your kids on a fun learning adventure, by taking them to your local museum or gallery. Enjoy a relaxing day out while the kids get excited learning about science, dinosaurs and more! Make sure to call up before you leave, and make sure they're open during the long weekend.


Bonus activity for Vuly trampoline owners!

Vuly Tent Camping in Easter.jpg

Have an Easter camp out with our tent wall. Decorate your Vuly trampoline with easter decorations and spend the night out camping in your own backyard. Enjoy some yummy easter goodies, read some books, or tell some stories. It will be an Easter your kids won’t forget!

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Victor Volynski
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