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Top 5 Kids Trampoline Birthday Party At Home Ideas

Posted on
Sep 02, 2015
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Do you remember your backyard birthday parties when you were a kid? They were some of the most treasured memories of our childhoods. We want our children to also experience that winning combination of sunshine, fresh air, friends and family. It’s a recipe for joy, but why not bump up the excitement by involving your Vuly trampoline in the action?

We spoke last week about how trampolines are more than just plain fun, but today we’re all about the fun! Here are our top 5 party ideas that we guarantee will set up some truly memorable moments for your kids.

Kids Trampoline birthday party fun – Bounce ‘n’ balloons


Your Vuly is already a jumping castle! Why not put on your summer-friendly tent accessory, and fill it to the brim with colourful balloons? A Vuly tent has much better airflow than a regular jumping castle, and your guests will have a safe, enclosed space where they can play some great games.

Blow up some of the balloons with air, and some with helium, to about half way—you don’t want to overfill them. What could be more fun at your kid’s party than their own 'Vuly Balloon Jumping Castle'?

Remember: Only one at a time in this party winner.

Kids Trampoline birthday party fun – It’s raining streamers


This is ideal for the little ones. Fit your Vuly tent’s roof with colourful, dangling streamers. They’ll be fun, safe and bright additions to the party when it comes to playing a round of games on the HexVex Game Mat.

Throw some streamers over the outside of the roof too; the trampoline will make for an eye-catching party centrepiece.

Kids Trampoline birthday party fun – Take aim


Tell your guests to bring their togs! Load up some water guns, and get the birthday boy or girl into the trampoline for some playful target practice.

  • Choose 3 guests, and ask them to position themselves 5 big steps from the trampoline around each side.
  • Let them loose! The shooters have 15 seconds to get the target as soaked as possible. The target must dodge, roll and rebound off the net to try and keep themselves dry.
  • Let everyone in that group have a turn inside the trampoline.
  • Rotate through groups of 4 party guests.
  • Present the driest of each group with a prize.

Remember: Make sure that your little guests don’t jump on the trampoline when it’s wet. Ensure that you thoroughly wipe down the trampoline with a dry cloth when the fun is over.

Kids Trampoline birthday party fun – Piñata zone


Fit your Vuly with its tent accessory, and attach a soft piñata to the inside and off the centre. Then, send in the contender! Your Vuly’s strong and flexible enclosure means that guests can be blindfolded and swing away in the safest environment possible.

All the goodies will also pool at the swinger’s feet, which means minimal cleaning for you, and maximum prizes for the winner.

Remember: Make sure that your piñata baton is has no sharp edges. You don’t want to tear your Vuly’s netting.

Kids Trampoline birthday party fun – Pin the Tail on the Vuly

Use magnets to attach a large ‘Pin the Tail’ game to your trampoline’s enclosure. The soft netting and mat means that any topples will simply be part of the fun. Get creative with your ‘Pin the Tail’ ideas—think about the birthday boy or girl’s favourite superhero, cartoon character or animal.

Remember: Use thick sticky tape on the tail, instead of actual pins, to pin it onto the paper.


A safe trampoline, like the Vuly2 with its tent, makes for a perfect addition to a birthday. We bet that you would have wanted one at your parties when you were a kid!

Do you have any other great party ideas? Share with us the memories that your children made at their Vuly birthday.

Victor Volynski
Article by
Victor Volynski
Content marketer with expertise in innovative play equipment, Vic is always following the latest trends and developments in this area and trying to find the best options for maximum fun! Vic is also an ex-gymnast with 20 years of experience and holds a science degree, making him an authority on trampolines, monkey bars, and swing sets.
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