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Are Square or Round Trampolines Better?

square or round trampolines comparion

Buying a trampoline can be hard enough when you take all things into consideration. Spring or springless, 8ft or 14ft, safety net or not a safety net. But one of the most common questions is, "Are square or round trampolines better?" We’ll give you a deep dive into the age-old questions to help you make an informed decision.

In short, we believe round trampolines are better, especially for recreational jumpers and families. Here’s how we came to that decision. When considering whether a square or round trampoline is better, there need to be a few factors that need to be carefully looked at, which are:

  • Bounce
  • Safety
  • Price
  • Use

Which is bouncier, a square or round trampoline?

If you’re looking for a trampoline to give the highest bounce, a square trampoline will give you just that. Because each spring works separately from the other compared to a round trampoline where each spring is put to work, jumpers looking for the highest bounce go for square or rectangular trampolines.

This is the reason you’ll find professional trampolinists using square trampolines and are the common shape used in the Olympics.

But does higher mean it’s more fun? If you were aiming to be a professional on the trampoline, we understand why a square trampoline would be your first choice. But, if you were looking for a more controlled bounce, a round trampoline is for you.

Diagram showing mat tension on round vs rectangular trampolines 

Which is safer, a square or round trampoline?

Probably the most important factor you’d want to consider as a parent. The shape of the trampoline can have a significant impact on the safety of the bouncer. Round trampolines can help increase safety due to the controlled bounces compared to square trampolines. The design of round trampolines also makes it so the bouncer naturally moves to the center of the mat.

If you’re looking for added safety for both square and round trampolines, some models are fitted with safety nets significantly reducing the risk of injury.




What’s cheaper, square or round trampolines?

Round trampolines require less material to be made as they are designed more efficiently. Because of this, round trampolines are generally cheaper than square ones. Other factors such as size and quality of materials will also need to be carefully considered. Cheaper may not always be better because some manufacturers can use low-quality material to cut costs - this goes for both round and square trampolines.

Buying from a reputable trampoline brand like Vuly can help ease the worry of buying a quality trampoline.


The different uses of round and square trampolines

Choosing between square and round trampolines can come down to how you use them. As mentioned before, square trampolines are great for bouncers looking for height and are generally used for gymnasts and trampolinists.

Round trampolines can also be used by professionals because they're also great for all kids and adults! If you’re looking for outdoor play equipment for your kids to use recreationally, round trampolines should be your choice!


The final verdict!

You already know where we stand with this, but just iterate, we believe round trampolines take the point for this one. You can read more about square trampolines here.

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