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Trampoline Landscaping Ideas

Posted on
Jan 14, 2024
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Trampoline landscaping ideas can transform a backyard from a mundane patch of grass into a fun play area. Integrating a trampoline into the garden landscape requires care to maintain the garden's aesthetics while ensuring the safety of bouncers. The main challenges faced involve balancing functional aspects, like safety and accessibility, with the overall design to create a cohesive outdoor space that appeals to both children and adults.

Strategically positioning a trampoline can enhance the garden's flow and function. One popular idea is the sunken trampoline, which is set at ground level, thereby minimising visual impact and reducing the risk of falls. Around the trampoline, homeowners can introduce soft landscaping, like mulch or rubber mats, to provide added safety without compromising on style. Another consideration is the use of garden borders and pathways to integrate the play area seamlessly with the rest of the yard.

Choosing the right plants and accessories around the trampoline can contribute to an inviting backyard design. Durable, low-maintenance plants are ideal for surrounding the play area, minimising the chance of damage from active use. Creative use of fencing or privacy screens can not only enhance safety by defining the trampoline space but also contribute to a tidy and attractive garden layout. In developing these top trampoline landscaping ideas, the goal is to create a fun, functional, and visually pleasing outdoor environment for families to enjoy.




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Choosing the Right Trampoline for Your Landscape

When integrating a trampoline into your garden, the decision should factor in the available space, trampoline shape, strategic placement for safety and aesthetics, and selection of durable materials.

Assessing Space and Trampoline Shapes

You should evaluate the garden's dimensions to determine the most suitable trampoline. Round trampolines necessitate a clear radius extending a few feet beyond to ensure safety, making them ideal for spacious backyards. Conversely, rectangular trampolines offer a more flexible fitting for narrow spaces due to their elongated shape.

The Impact of Trampoline Placement

Placement affects both safety and visual harmony with the existing landscape. Sunken trampolines can blend seamlessly with the garden, preserving the view.  Accessibility and visual sight lines from the house should also be considered for safety supervision and aesthetic integration.

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Incorporating Trampolines into Garden Designs

In garden designs, a trampoline can be seamlessly integrated and become an attractive feature with the right landscaping approaches. Here are some examples: 

Landscaping Around the Trampoline

When positioning a trampoline, it's important to ensure there's sufficient surrounding open space to maintain safety. The ground preparation is pivotal; it should be level – which may involve the addition of soil to even out any slopes. Around the trampoline, materials like mulch or gravel can be used to define the area, with their contrasting texture providing both a practical and visual boundary.

Using Plants and Shrubbery to Enhance Aesthetics

Choosing the right plants and shrubbery can significantly improve the trampoline's appearance within the garden. Low-maintenance greenery or vegetation that complements the rest of the garden can create a cohesive design. One might consider artificial grass around the trampoline for a year-round green look without the upkeep of natural grass. This is especially useful because without the proper upkeep grass under a trampoline has a tendency to die

Creating Pathways and Borders

Pathways leading to the trampoline can integrate into the overall garden design, using garden edging to separate distinct areas and paths. The pathways can be lined with decorative stones or bark chips, while borders can be established with plantings or small fences that guide movement in the garden and visually connect the trampoline area to the rest.


landscape 8.jpg


Ensuring Safety and Maintenance around Trampolines

Safety and maintenance are critical for a trampoline to ensure it remains a fun and secure environment. The area surrounding the trampoline needs attention to optimise safety and maintain the quality of both the trampoline and the garden.

Optimising for Safe Use

The ground where a trampoline is placed must be level. This provides stability, preventing the trampoline from tipping over. To achieve a flat surface, it may be necessary to add soil or other materials. Install safety mats, such as rubber mulch or wood chips, around the trampoline to cushion falls and reduce injury risks. A grass mat can offer a more natural look while still providing protection.

Regular Cleaning and Upkeep Strategies

To maintain longevity, the trampoline should be cleaned regularly to prevent the build-up of debris. Below is a brief strategy for upkeep:

  • Weekly:

    • Remove leaves and debris from the trampoline surface and surrounding area.
    • Check for and remove any weeds growing around the trampoline.
  • Monthly:

    • Inspect the trampoline for tears or damages.
    • Ensure the trampoline base remains stable and fix any issues.
  • Seasonally:

    • Apply rust protection to metal components.
    • Deep clean the trampoline mat and safety pads with mild soap and water.


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