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Trampoline Care - How To Clean & Maintain Your Trampoline

Posted on
Jun 18, 2011
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Purchasing a trampoline is one of the safest, most enjoyable ways to improve your family's health. But, like most products, they require occasional inspection and maintenance.


Regular Trampoline Inspections

To get the best result out of your new trampoline you should regularly inspect it for any defects or degradation that may be occurring. Carefully inspect the frame, safety padding, nets, and any accessories for damage or wear before allowing jumpers to access the trampoline.

If parts appear to be worn or damaged, call a Vuly customer service representative immediately. Do not allow jumpers to use the trampoline until all parts are in pristine condition. Remember, safety is the key to a healthy, happy trampolining experience!

Monitor Wear & Tear

When used appropriately, the trampoline springs should not show signs of wear. However, it is important to always confirm that none of the springs are broken or overstretched. An overstretched spring is usually the result of too much force then being distributed to the trampoline.

One broken spring puts additional pressure to the remaining components and can easily damage other springs. If, when the trampoline is in use, you hear a distinct pinging sound, immediately clear the jump-mat of all users. This is often an indication that a spring might have just broken. If one spring appears to be warped, call a customer service representative immediately and do not allow users to access the trampoline until it is replaced.

 trampoline hole repair.jpg

How To Clean An Outdoor Trampoline

Outdoor trampolines frequently become dusty and may collect outdoor debris. To clean your trampoline, gently rinse it with a garden hose and wipe away any excess water with a soft rag. A gentle spray should clear away any dirt and dust and restore the trampoline's attractive appearance.

Wiping it down afterwards will help prevent water from drying in patches, which can leave faint markings. If a garden hose is not immediately available, you may also use a wet cloth or a soft brush to clear debris away from the jump-mat. Use the brush or wet cloth to push all unwanted objects off of the edge of the jump-mat to the ground below. Cleaning the trampoline takes only a few minutes to complete, and the device is safe to use after the water has evaporated.

Debris that is entangled in the safety-net should be carefully removed to avoid tearing. Some clutter, like sticks, twigs, or small stones, may pose a safety hazard to jumpers if it is allowed to remain in the net. Jumpers may suffer abrasions, scrapes, or scratches if they come into contact with the litter. Jumpers should not be allowed access to the trampoline until all debris is cleared.

When cleaning your trampoline, it is best to avoid using any chemicals on any trampoline components. Harsh chemicals may interfere with any treatments that have been performed on the trampoline materials and could weaken the components. Additionally, damaging the trampoline components with chemicals may make them less resistant to the weather and can decrease their safety effectiveness.


how to clean your trampoline.jpg

Keep Your Trampoline Upright

Older rectangular trampolines were composed of thick beams of metal to withstand the stresses of rebounding. The rectangular, irregular shape required the device to withstand uneven distributions of weight. Although this design was exceptionally sturdy, they were also very difficult to reposition in the yard. Families frequently had to tip the trampoline on one side and struggle to move it to a new location.

New circular trampoline designs feature lighter-weight steel that is easy to assemble and transport. When used properly, the frame can withstand considerable amounts of weight.

However, tipping a new trampoline on its side may stress or damage the frame. Tipping a circular frame on its side can place significant stress on the leg joins because it is designed to bear weight that is evenly distributed around the circle. Because the frame is not designed to handle uneven distributions of pressure, it is possible for the metal to warp.

Because of this risk, we strongly dissuade customers from placing circular trampolines on their sides. When moving your trampoline, you should ensure that the device is positioned on even, flat ground. Carefully inspect the legs to ensure that they are bearing even amounts of pressure and that they share equal contact with the ground.

If one or more of the legs is unevenly pushed to an angle, the joins can become overly stressed and weakened when the trampoline is in use. To eliminate this risk, lift and rest each quarter of the trampoline to allow the legs to adjust to a natural position.

Do Not Modify Your Trampoline

To ensure that your trampoline operates at its best, do not modify any of its components. Similarly, do not allow anyone to make repairs to any damaged component. Trampolines are composed of complex components that are highly dependent on one another.

Any unqualified modifications or repairs may disrupt the delicate balance and will likely result in visible trampoline damage. Unfortunately, unqualified work may also create invisible damages that may not become apparent until the trampoline is in use.

Replace Trampoline Parts When Necessary

Vuly is passionate about trampoline safety and customer service. To better serve you, all of our products come with a comprehensive warranty that covers all manufacturing defects. The standard warranty for our products is one year with an optional three-year upgrade.

If the warranty has expired and an existing customer requires new components, we sell replacement parts for all Vuly products for half of the retail price. Any unqualified work or modifications voids this warranty.


trampoline care - avoid rain.jpg

Avoid Exposure To The Elements

All Vuly trampolines are designed to be highly weather and UV-resistant. However, any accessories that you may have purchased from other providers may not feature these qualities.

Removing and storing any damage-prone accessories will help extend the life of these items and will prevent them from becoming damaged. This may be especially important in the event of storms. Some accessories can potentially cause damage to your trampoline in inclement weather.

By caring for and maintaining its components, you can extend the life of your trampoline and further ensure the safety of users. Protect your family's wellbeing and take care of your quality Vuly products. As always, any questions can be thoroughly answered by contacting our friendly customer service team!

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Victor Volynski
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