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See how easy assembling a Vuly can be!

Our team is often asked “Is it easy to assemble a Vuly trampoline?” and “How long will it take to put together a Vuly?” While we could tell you that it’s simple and quick, we’d rather let a real customer show you!

Following our online video instructions, this YouTuber – Brendan – puts together a Thunder Pro L in no time at all... with some assistance from his two little helpers. Brendan’s installing technique is flawless, and the Skirt isn’t even on before the kids start bouncing. It’s also great to hear just how thrilled his daughter feels about her new Thunder Pro once the fun has started.

Assembling a Leaf Spring trampoline

Brendan installed a Thunder Pro trampoline, our premium model, which uses zero coil springs. While one may think that the Thunder series would take longer to put together than more traditional trampolines, we can see from Brendan’s video a few reasons why that’s simply not the case.

Because it has no nuts and bolts, Thunder Pro eliminates the time added from tedious searches through the grass and in little plastic packets. The way that all the parts slide together and instantly lock keeps momentum up as you work through each installation step; you aren’t having to linger on a step to tighten any screws!

Thunder Pro also uses many identical parts, which means that components are easy to identify and group. In fact, Thunder Pro M has only 10 distinct parts! You almost build the whole trampoline by just clicking together all the identical parts.


Advice for those having trouble with installation

Not finding it as simple as Brendan to install your Leaf Spring-powered Thunder or Thunder Pro?

Sometimes assemblers can connecting the Leaf Springs and the Jump Mat difficult:

  • Go section-by-section – Never connect your Leaf springs sequentially (one after the other, around the trampoline).
  • Connect the Leaf Spring next to a Joiner first, and then head over the other side to connect the corresponding Leaf Spring.
  • Attach the Joiners in the middle to create a cross.
  • Continue to connect as though you’re evenly dividing a cake! This will distribute the Mat tension and make the last few Leaf Springs easier to attach.
  • Call in help – Two people during assembly are better than one! One person pulls the Mat, while the other bends and pushes forward the Leaf Spring.


What’s been your experience assembling a trampoline (and not just Vuly)? Was your experience as easy as Brendan’s effort?

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