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Trampoline Advice, Rules and Etiquette

Posted on
Jun 17, 2011
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At Vuly we want to make your trampolining experience as fun as possible. We know that you'll love your trampoline so much, sometimes there'll be a rush to jump on it or have a bounce with the whole neighbourhood!

For your convenience, we have compiled the following list of etiquette tips and advice to make your Vuly experience safe and practical, without losing the fun.


1. One Jumper at a Time on the Trampoline

 While trampoline standards vary and are completely voluntary, Vuly recommends that only one child should be allowed to bounce the trampoline at any time.

Failure to do so could result in an increased risk of injury. Trampolines provide hours of fun for jumpers, but children may, unfortunately, become too focused on their own enjoyment and fail to consider the health and safety of others.

One jumper at a time ensures that children can work on their own fitness without having to worry about how their rebound movements will affect other users.

2. Regulate Trampoline Time for Fairness

For the happiness of multiple children who want to play on the trampoline, it may be useful for supervising adults to time the amount of play allowed for each jumper.

To avoid boredom for the other children who also want to play on the trampoline, we suggest that supervising adults monitor and regulate the time each child spends on the trampoline.

This discourages resentment and unfairness and gives each child an equal opportunity to enjoy the fun. The age-old issue of who goes first may be resolved by flipping a coin, or picking a number from one to ten.



3. Always Supervise Jumpers

For safety reasons, always supervise children when they are using a trampoline. Many past injuries could have been easily prevented if children were being carefully watched.

Every child, regardless of age or experience level, should be supervised to decrease the chance of accidents. Similarly, do not allow jumpers to play on the trampoline when you are not at home or are otherwise unavailable.

4. Don't Attempt Dangerous Trampoline Tricks

Fellow trampoline jumpers should never encourage their playmates to attempt difficult tricks, such as somersaults or flips, because awkward landings can lead to injury. Likewise, supervisors should never support or promote dangerous stunts and should instead discourage dangerous behaviour.

Children who cannot abide by the supervisor's suggestions should no longer be permitted to use the trampoline. Supervising individuals should be mature and not under the influence of alcohol or other substances.


trampoline rules, advice and etiquette.jpg

5. Use the Appropriate Safety Equipment

We strongly recommend the use of trampoline safety equipment. Vuly has a wide variety of the most innovative safety equipment on the market available, including nets, tents, and spring padding.

Although trampoline-related injuries can still occur with the safety equipment in place, most of these accidents happen when children fall off of the trampoline — which won't happen with our great safety equipment installed.

Safety equipment decreases those chances and provides a happier, healthier jumping experience for everyone involved.


6. Secure Your Trampoline

As a courtesy to your neighbours, consider investing in an anchor kit for your trampoline. Recent technological advancements mean that trampolines are lighter and more compact than ever, which makes them less expensive and more mobile.

However, this also increases the likelihood of their uplifting during inclement weather when exposed to high winds or floodwater. The impact of a flying trampoline can cause considerable home damage. For this reason, we recommend disassembling your trampoline and moving it inside during stormy conditions.

Thank you for choosing Vuly! If you have trampoline questions, comments, or advice-related inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Victor Volynski
Article by
Victor Volynski
Content marketer with expertise in innovative play equipment, Vic is always following the latest trends and developments in this area and trying to find the best options for maximum fun! Vic is also an ex-gymnast with 20 years of experience and holds a science degree, making him an authority on trampolines, monkey bars, and swing sets.
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