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Big W Trampolines Vs Vuly Trampolines

Posted on
Sep 27, 2022
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Big W is one of the most popular trampoline brands in Australia. Big W has a huge presence and sell trampolines both instore and online. Although Big W doesn’t stock any of its own branded trampolines, Big W resells many different trampoline brands.

These include trampolines from the brands: Action Sports, Bluey, FILA, Goliath, Lifespan Kids, Plum Play, Trolls. Here we will explore these trampoline options and how they compare to Vuly trampolines. 

Huge Trampoline Sale


Table 1: Specifications For The Largest Coiled Spring Trampoline For Each Brand



(Including Delivery)


Size (Mat)

Static Weight Rating

Big W - Action Sports trampolines

 $139  Round 4.5 ft 34Kg 

Big W - Bluey trampolines

$179   Round  4.5 ft  35Kg 

Big W - FILA trampolines

$66.9   Round 2.5ft  100Kg 

Big W - Goliath 14ft Gigantus trampoline 

 $533   Round  14ft 120Kg 

Big W - Lifespan Kids 16ft HyperJump Trampoline

 $1170   Round 16ft  140Kg 

Big W - Plum 14ft Space Zone Kids Spring safe Trampoline

 $889  Round   14ft 125Kg 

Vuly - Ultra XL

 $949  Round   14ft  150Kg


Big W - Action Sports trampolines

Big W’s Action Sports trampolines are very small trampolines - only 137cm (4.5ft) across. They are essentially mini trampolines with nets. Big W sells 2 types of these trampolines - one is in a blue dinosaur theme, while the other is in a pink rainbow theme. 

These trampolines have a galvanised steel frame and legs, safety covering and zipper locking entrance. They’re only able to support max user weights of 34Kg. 

 big w action sports trampoline.jpg



Big W - Bluey trampolines

Big W also stocks Bluey trampolines after the much-loved Bluey show. Much like the Action sports ones, these are very small, consisting of a mini tramp and a net. They are also 137cm (4.5ft across). They come with a mesh safety net, UV protected safety padding with foam inside and a safety skirt. They are able to support jumpers of up to 35Kg.  

 big w Bluey 4.5ft Trampoline.jpg


Big W - FILA trampolines

Big W's FILA trampoline is a mini trampoline designed for fitness. Compared to the other small trampolines, they are sturdier, but lack some safety features for kids. It has safety pads and can support jumpers of up to 100Kg. These trampolines are great for both kids and adults and can be used for a variety of play and fitness activities including trampoline aerobics. 

 Big W - FILA trampoline.jpg




Big W - Goliath trampolines

Big W sells a variety of Goliath trampolines including the Goliath 10 Foot Colossus Trampoline, Goliath 10 Foot Epic Plus Curved Frame Trampoline, Goliath 12 Foot Mammoth Trampoline, Goliath 14ft 'Gigantus' Trampoline. 

These trampolines are well-priced but have significant shipping costs. These trampolines have galvanized frames, UV protection and large nets. The frames are foam covered while the jumping mat is supported by coiled springs. They also have zip entrances.

All except the Goliath 10 Foot Epic Plus Curved Frame Trampoline have straight frames, which makes it more likely for kids to make contact with the metal frames. The 3 different sizes means that these trampolines can fit backyards large and small, and can accommodate kids of different ages. 

 Big W - Goliath trampoline.jpg



Big W - Lifespan Kids trampolines

Big W also sells a range of Lifespan Kids trampolines made by Hyper jump. These are delivery only, and have a delivery fee. There are 8 models, ranging from 8 - 16ft. There is one 8ft and 10ft springless trampoline, but all other trampolines have coiled springs. 

All of the trampolines are round, except 1 - the Lifespan Kids HyperJump-R Spring Trampoline 7x10ft, which is rectangular. Depending on the model, these trampolines are able to support bouncers between 100 and 140Kg. 

Big W's Lifespan Kids trampolines are also double galvanised and come with a ladder. They have a self-closing entrance and a net that's supported by a fibre glass ring that arches away from the trampolines. 

 Big W - Lifespan Kids trampolines.jpg



Big W - Plum Play trampolines

Big W's Plum Play trampolines make up the largest range of trampolines at Big W. These can roughly be divided into Junior trampolines available in 4.5ft, 6ft and 7ft models; and the larger space zone trampolines available in 8ft, 10ft, 12ft and 14ft models.

All of Plum Play's trampolines have nets, but only some of the steel frames are galvanised. The steel net poles are straight and sit just outside the net. There is padding on both the net poles and over the springs. Unlike some more premium trampolines, the coiled springs sit inside the jumping area, which can result in contact. 

Big W - Plum Play trampolines.jpg


Vuly Play - Ultra XL trampoline

The Ultra is Vuly's most popular trampoline. The XL model is 14ft wide, and ships free of charge to most Australian homes. It has many awesome features, including a 175cm high safety net with super fine netting, springs that are external to the jumping area, poles and netting that are in opposite directions, and a self-closing entry.

It's also highly durable and has undergone extreme testing in UV light and rain to ensure its longevity in the harsh Australian climate. It has the highest weight rating in its class. The springs, jumping mat, and frame come under a 5-year warranty, and all parts are half-price for life. 


Springfree, Bunnings, Rebel Sport are other brands that sell trampolines. 


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