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Holiday Ideas to Keep Kids Entertained

It isn’t always easy keeping your kids busy during the school holidays. Even if they have an amazing trampoline, sadly you can’t take it away to the beach, mountains or overseas with you on holiday. The best thing you can do is prepare and pre-budget for some fun activities that don’t cost a fortune, yet keep your kids active.

Community activities

It’s a good idea to keep an eye out for things happening in your local area, especially events usually put on for free by the council.

This can include visiting museums, galleries, swimming pools (it can be tricky to find one that’s not crowded in summer), and the local library. Even just a general walk around your neighbourhood can reveal events you never thought would be happening on your doorstep. If there’s not much going on, here are some other ideas for getting out and about:

    • Go bowling – this may require a bit of money but it’s still a great idea to get away from the house and enjoy the holidays.

    • Stargazing – if it’s a clear night and you live in an area that’s a little less urban, you can learn about constellations and the galaxy we live in.

    • Ice-skating – if you live near an ice rink, or in a colder climate where rinks appear in winter, the holidays are a perfect time for this sport.

    • See a play – there’s usually a swag of kids’ theatre performances on during this time.

    • Have a picnic – get the family down to the park and enjoy the great outdoors

    • Kite flying – if it’s nice weather outside…

    • Play some sport – get them out kicking a ball around or trying something new like badminton. Trampolining will help improve motor skills and balance for other sports.

    • Friends - if all else fails, get your kids together for a play date at their friends’ place.

Bored at home?

If you find yourself being constantly nagged by the kids looking for things to do at home, try a few of these:

    • Bake-off! - get them in the kitchen cooking with some simple, fun recipes that teach them healthy habits and the occasional treat! Depending on their age and interest, this could be anything simple from baking a cake to making a pizza from scratch.

    • Cards - teach them various card games and tricks.

    • Blow bubbles – this is a fun and mesmerising activity for all ages.

    • Board games – there are so many out there you can choose from that can while the hours away. Scrabble can be good for budding wordsmiths and Monopoly teaches important life skills and that money doesn’t just grow on trees… Or, invent your own board game if you want to!

    • Write a story – get them to practice their story-telling and develop writing skills, and of course, their imagination.

    • Get busy painting – if the art galleries are shut, head to your nearest craft shop and invest in some cheap acrylics and brushes. This is a great time-consuming activity for kids to unleash their inner Van Gogh.

    • Tie-dying shirts – this isn’t just for hippies, it’s also a great way to enhance kids’ clothes that might be looking a little worse for wear.

    • Make a sundial – teach them how people used to tell the time using the sun.

    • Get them gardening – unleash their inner green thumb and teach them how to make things grow. Knowing how to grow a veggie patch could come in handy later in life!

    • Make a family tree – learn about the history of your family in a fun way. Do a bit of research and see who you’re related to!

    • Movies – if it comes down to it, and you just want to relax and put your feet up in front of a film, watch a fun family flick or kids’ movie.

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