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Quick Vuly Warranty Guide

We know that our products aren’t perfect 100% of the time. And while we do whatever is humanely possible to make sure our trampolines are perfect for your family, sometimes something isn’t quite right.

If you find that something is wrong when you receive your Vuly, or something goes wrong with your Vuly later down the track, we have an experienced After Sales department that is ready to help you.

When you receive your Vuly please:

    • Ensure that you have the correct number of boxes for your trampoline.
    • Ensure that you have the correct number of components
    • Check that all parts are in perfect condition and do not show any signs of manufacturing defect
    • Assemble your trampoline with care


 Our Warranty Process

We’ll Send Out Missing Parts

If you are missing parts, or parts have been damaged in transit, please call 1300 667 514 immediately. Don’t use your trampoline until we’ve replaced these parts, as it will be unsafe to do so.

Our trampolines are delivered to Vuly HQ pre-packaged, so we are unable to check boxes prior to delivery to ensure they contain all required parts. Some parts may also fall out in transit due to small, unintentional tears in boxes. Despite this, our missing part rate is very low, and we will do the best we can to deliver parts as soon as possible if missing from your initial delivery (usually overnight, depending on your location).

Making a Claim is Easy

If something goes wrong with your trampoline, please read the information on our terms page, and see how to lodge on our support page.

    • Fill out your details
    • Upload four supporting images so we can see what the problem is
    • Submit to us for assessment

It’s important to note:

Warranty does not cover accidental damage, wilful damage, or storm damage.

If you need further assistance please call our After Sales team on 1300 667 514 or email

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