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Reduce Static Shock on Trampolines

Static shock is caused by an electrical charge built up in a person, changing them from being neutral to being negatively or positively charged.

Once charged, if a person then touches something that is conducive to electricity, it causes a static shock.

The cause is usually dry air and the materials that rub against each other.

It's not uncommon for people to experience static shock when jumping your a Vuly trampoline.

The material of the trampoline surface is usually the culprit. If the surface is made of nylon, it's a good conductor for electricity and can cause static shock.

Here are some tips to help you avoid static shock on the trampoline:

  • Go barefoot while jumping (if you prefer not to go barefoot while jumping, experiment with the soles of shoes that will reduce static shock, such as leather soled shoes)

  • Wear cotton clothes while jumping, while avoiding wool clothing

  • Ground yourself with a metal object while jumping e.g. a coin, a key

  • Drink plenty of water before jumping

  • Keep the skin moisturised before jumping (particularly focusing on the jumper's feet)

Note: Synthetic soles are usually the worst sole to wear to reduce static shock, as they are a great conductor of electricity.

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