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Vuly HQ: Trampolines Brisbane

So it's been a little while since we've updated you on what's happened at Vuly Trampolines HQ at our office and showroom in Brisbane! We recently renovated one of our warehouses late last year and joined it up to our offices to make one awesome workplace space. Read on to have a sneak peak!

Where the magic happens over Christmas! The Vuly Sales Team: the friendly faces behind our awesome customer service!

The Sales Team pictured above are the friendly faces behind our customer service! They're built with knowledge of everything trampoline, are always doing their best for our customers and ensure that you're satisfied and happy - which means we're happy! Always available on 1300 667 514, give them a ring if you're ever in need.

We love it here at Vuly - there's always so much going on, so much to do and learn in such a great environment! We work hard and although its always around the clock, the lunch room does come in handy for chilling out when we can! Definitely the place to be.

The Staff Lunch Room! The Staff Lunch Room!

And we can't forget about the warehouse boys! Always busy running about at the back, these are the guys that look after dispatch and delivery, helping to get your order to you right on time! You can imagine the mad rush around here at Christmas time, but these boys are true hard working helpers of Santa.


Don't forget we've got all sizes of the Vuly Classic set up for you to jump on in our showroom, as well as a medium-sized Vuly Thunder! Come down to have a chat with our friendly staff who will help you out in choosing a trampoline best for you and your family.

Want to visit us at Vuly HQ? We'll be here at 1/95 Ingleston Rd, Wakerley, Brisbane 4154. Click here for our opening hours and other ways to get in touch with us!

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