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Kids Beds

Vuly is proud to introduce the newest collection to join our line of award-winning kids products, kid’s beds! Just like our famous outdoor play equipment, our kid's beds are designed to push limits! Out with the boring and in with the fun, naptime won’t ever be the same.


Vuly Den

With an extendable cover included, your indoor fortress is only a moment away
The Vuly Den is the first bed introduced in our line of kids beds! Keep an eye for future novelty and theme kids beds.

Novelty Theme Beds for Every Child

Vuly isn’t shy of standing out from the rest, that’s why all our beds are unique and different in their own way. We’ve designed some of the best premium kids novelty beds for you to choose from.


Types of Kids Beds

Kids' beds have evolved from mini versions of regular-sized beds to a world of their own. Whether you're looking for a bunk bed, novelty bed, or loft bed, there’s a kid’s bed for every child!

Some of the more popular kids bikes are:

  • Bunk Beds
  • Loft beds
  • Novelty/ theme beds
  • Beds with desks
  • Trundle Beds
  • Beds with storage

Bunk Beds

The classic bunk bed is what you would normally find in a room siblings share and is an all-time favourite for kids alike. Bunk beds are two beds on top of each other separated by beams and a ladder or staircase. It’s a great solution for families who are looking to save space and the kid’s love it! Just be prepared for a fight for the top bunk!

Loft Beds

Vuly Loft Beds - Vuly Play.jpg

Loft beds look similar to bunk beds but without the bottom bed. Loft beds have a bed on the top with space underneath them either for a desk, storage or just more space. This is another popular design of a kid's bed as your child rules the fort! And just like the bunk beds, it’s ideal for saving space.

Novelty/ Theme Beds

Novelty and theme beds encourage your children to bring imaginative play into the bedroom. There are no limits to what novelty beds look like, but one thing’s for sure, the bed is more than just a place to sleep or take naps. From beds with slides to beds with tents, there’s no short of inspiration your child can have.

Novelty and themed beds are also great for the parents who want a certain theme in the bedroom, whether it’s a colour or inspiration from a place or move, themed beds are a great way to tie everything together.

Trundle Beds

The answer to sleepovers. Trundle beds are secondary beds that simply roll in and out from under a regular kids' bed. This makes it useful to tuck away when they’re not in use. Just like most kids' beds, trundle beds are a great space saver.


Buying a Kids Bed by Vuly

With industry-leading warranty, you can be assured you’re buying another premium product designed by Vuly Play. We continue to provide quality kids' products to your home just like our trampolines, swing sets, monkey bars, and kids' bikes!

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