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Trampoline Myth Busters

Here are some of my favourite questions...busted. We get a bunch of calls to come through to our HQ and we've got some of the most asked questions right here about our trampolines.

Will grass grow under my trampoline?

Yes! In fact, grass tends to grow greener and faster under the trampoline as the trampoline mat still allows some sunlight through. When mowing your lawn, simply drag your trampoline out of the way.

Is there anything I can do to make my trampoline last longer?

Consider investing in a trampoline tent, like the Vuly Trampoline Tent (suitable for all sizes of the trampoline). A shady position will also help to minimise sun exposure to the components of your trampoline.

Can I sit my trampoline on uneven ground?

Provided that the slope is not too great (less than a gradient of 20%), it is possible to level your trampoline by digging a little trench into the ground to support the uphill trampoline leg. The downhill leg base can then be supported on timber blocks. For extra security, considering investing in a Vuly anchor kit, which can be used to further secure your trampoline into the ground.

How much space should I leave around my trampoline?

Vuly recommends that you maintain a minimum of 1m clearance on all sides of the trampoline. Since your trampoline net will give a little bit as you jump into it, this space will allow you to bounce comfortably in the trampoline enclosure without bumping into any obstructions outside the trampoline. Keep your trampoline away from any abrasive materials such as fences, trees or bushes, which could snag onto your trampoline net and cause it to tear.

Can my Vuly trampoline be left outside in all weather seasons?

Yes! Your Vuly trampoline is a durable piece of equipment that is designed to be kept outdoors and withstand a variety of weather conditions. To protect your trampoline from harmful sun exposure, which may deteriorate your trampoline over time, invest in a Vuly trampoline tent to protect your trampoline safety padding and trampoline net during the warmer summer months. But what about winter, I hear you ask? Not to worry, Vuly's trampoline tents will also stop rainwater from pooling on your trampoline safety padding during the coldest months of the year.

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