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Bounciest Trampoline - Which Trampoline is the Bounciest?

Posted on
Jul 25, 2017
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There are several factors when deciding what makes the bounciest trampoline.

One key element that makes for the best trampoline bounce is using a springless system over traditional coil springs.

The reason for this is because coiled spring trampolines expand in and out when user bounces.

While this provides bouncing momentum, many springless trampolines use technology that allows for greater rebounding momentum.

They absorb more of the impact leading to be the bounciest trampolines.

Boy bouncing high on a Vuly Thunder trampoline

Vuly Play has developed its own method of obtaining one of the bounciest trampolines in the world with its advanced Leaf Spring technology.

Used in the Vuly Thunder and Thunder Pro, this leading springless technology helps deliver not only a better bounce, but a safer bounce

Not only do our Thunder models provide a more robust bounce, they have been developed to take up to 150 kg of weight - allowing mum and dad to join in.

Perfect, because a Vuly trampoline is also perfect for exercising.


Vuly Trampolines - Premium Quality

What seperates Vuly trampolines from other manufacturers is our dedication to excellence.

Outside of their superior bounce, you can be confident you're are buying one of the best when it comes to building quality.

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Our Springs

We use a dual-layered tiered spring system, which means that the tiered springs recoil based on the user’s weight.

Thicker hooks, tapered ends safeguard against snapping, and our steel springs are galvanised to protect against rust.

The hooks are also longer at the frame end to allow for increased movement and the optimal bouncing experience.

Our bouncy mat also makes our trampolines great for exercising

Vuly coiled trampoline springs up close

Our Frame

Vuly has worked hard to develop frame strength and unique spring systems to provide the best bounce available.

Our frame tubes are 1.5 mm thick, strong, and sturdy and comprise the dual-ringed foundation of thick steel.

Premium models also feature matte black powder-coating, which offers additional protection against corrosion.

We’re proud of our robust frames – their thickness frames far exceed international trampoline safety standards and those of competitors.

Up close with Vuly trampoline frame

Our Mat

Our trampolines are simply the bounciest. The Vuly jump mat – a vital part of the trampoline – has to endure the constant flexing and stress from all the jumping and bouncing.

Our mats are made of thick, flexible polypropylene fabric and do not stretch.

They always return to the original, flat position!

Your whole family can enjoy bouncing on the Vuly jumping surface.

It’s developed to be lightweight, impact-resistant, and boasts a high compressive strength.

Trampoline mat being testing for impact


The Bounciest Trampoline

Vuly Thunder Pro trampolines let you experience bouncing like no trampoline before!

The Thunder Pro is the most advanced trampoline in the world.

Our Vuly Thunder range: the trampoline with the best rebound of any backyard trampoline!

The Thunder combines affordable springless bouncing with a jump mat that connects to the safety net to form one seamless piece.

Our Thunder Pro is the strongest and most durable backyard trampoline, thanks to the years of research and testing that have enabled Vuly to bring the best bounce to families everywhere.


Bouncing Safely

Young girl exiting the safety net of a Vuly Thunder trampoline

Vuly Play believes that every bounce on our trampolines should be the best and safest bounce that any trampoline can offer. That's why we only make safe trampoline models.

We make sure that your kids will be able to bounce from edge to edge safely on a Vuly trampoline because there are:

  • NO contact zones to worry about
  • NO frames to hit
  • No springs where feet can get caught

Unlike some trampoline enclosures, a Vuly safety net secures to the perimeter of the trampoline – attaching on the INSIDE of the springs.

This ensures that the person bouncing on the trampoline is not in danger of landing outside the jump mat onto springs or the frame.

As your family bounces on their trampoline, it’s important to remember that you keep your mandatory safety net attached and in good condition, especially when you have young children using the trampoline.

Our strong, tightly woven safety netting is made from UV-resistant polyethylene, ensuring your family can bounce as high as they like. They’ll remain safely within the enclosure.

We know your kids will love our trampolines. For more information, contact our service team today on 1300 667 514 or visit our online trampoline guide.

Victor Volynski
Article by
Victor Volynski
Content marketer with expertise in innovative play equipment, Vic is always following the latest trends and developments in this area and trying to find the best options for maximum fun! Vic is also an ex-gymnast with 20 years of experience and holds a science degree, making him an authority on trampolines, monkey bars, and swing sets.
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