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Spray Games - 3 Games To 'Spray-Play' On Your Lawn!

You and your kids don't need technology to play games together! With a few cans of spray paint, you've 3 awesome games that your family can play on your lawn. Does it get any easier than that? We love the idea of bringing the gang together for some old-fashioned backyard fun.

Keep the kids busy with a round of hoop shooting in your Vuly trampoline or new trampoline games while you whip up one of our quick and easy spray-on lawn activities. The best part is that when you're done, let the hose loose and wash away the paint. Let the games begin!

3 fun backyard lawn games – Frisbee toss

Our lawn frisbee toss game is like a jumbo version of darts, but much safer, of course! Based on a points system, the closer your frisbee lands to the bullseye, the more points you receive. The winner is the person who scores the most points in a five-round game! You will need four different spray paint colours.


  • Spray the inside bull's eye (circle one of four), measuring approx. 30cm in diameter.
  • Add the outer rings in different colours, each measuring approx. 30cm in thickness.
  • Spray the points onto each coloured ring, with 100 on the bullseye, 50 on the next ring, 25 on the next, and 10 points on the outer ring.
  • Hand out your frisbees, and set a minimum distance that players must stand from the points board.

3 fun backyard lawn games – Lawn Twister

Twister always guarantees plenty of laughs! If you have too many people to play on your HexVex trampoline mat, the grass provides a perfect soft landing for when players take a tumble. You will need four different spray paint colours.


  • Stick to the classic Twister mat which features four rows of six circles
  • Designate each row a colour (red, blue, yellow or green) then spray your circles onto the grass—leaving a little bit of room on each dot's side.
  • Spray a pie onto the grass, with each colour making up a slice. Then, use a twig as the spinner.
  • Have fun and play as you would with ordinary Twister!


Tip: Use a ruler and stencil as guides, if you're having trouble spraying your circles or pie wedges evenly. 

3 fun backyard lawn games – Lawn hopscotch


Noticed a theme? We're reimagining all the classic games that we loved when we were kids as activities to play in our favourite place—the backyard! This is just like old fashioned-hopscotch, but it's much gentler on bare feet and joints!


  • Map out a classic hopscotch board by spraying squares with the numbers 1-10 inside.
  • Allow the paint to dry, before beginning your barefoot battles. We recommend playing ‘right foot’ rounds and ‘left foot’ rounds for some added trickery

How do you transform your lawn into a designated games arena? We’d love to hear which of our ‘spray paint lawn games’ your family loved!

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