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The best ever animals on trampolines

It turns out that it’s not just us humans who love our trampolines – animals love to bounce too!

From our beloved pet dogs and cats to foxes, goats and even elk, adorable animals can show us a thing or two about the pure joy of free, uninhibited bouncing. While we certainly don't encourage you to let animals onto your trampoline, you can start your day off right with this collection of other loveable animals bouncing their way to happiness!

Excitable dogs

Dogs are fun-loving creatures that enjoy a backyard trampoline just as much as their human best friends. Many of these dog's families, though, could use a better quality trampoline with a good safety enclosure!

Meet Chago, the bouncing Boxer who came to the world’s attention in 2007 with his trampoline-loving antics. Chago sadly passed away in 2016 after 11 joyful, loving years with his family. Watching his excitement as he bounces will warm your heart.

Tilly is a Boston Terrier from Glasgow, Scotland, who certainly knows her way around a trampoline. Watch her achieve some serious air as she gets a run up from the very edge of the mat. This girl’s got technique!

These precious little Golden Retriever pups are starting young! They’re still small and can’t quite jump yet, but with a little help from their human parents, they’re learning how to bounce and move around on the trampoline. 

This Great Dane named Gabby cleverly (and rather hilariously) uses her family’s trampoline to get a sneaky peek over the fence at her neighbour’s yard in White County, Arkansas. No one likes a nosy neighbour, but we’d make an exception here! 

Curious cats

Who says cats don’t like to play? These kitties certainly don’t mind a bit of a bounce!

This gorgeous fluffball likes to play with her human, running around and attacking the moving child-shaped hump under the trampoline mat.

Smokey loves running around in circles and chasing his tail on the trampoline, getting speed by pushing off from the bouncy mat. In typical cat fashion, he quickly loses interest and the game is soon and suddenly over (when cleaning his face takes priority).

We’re not sure whether this ginger kitty agreed to this game, but at least he’s in no rush to get away!

Surprised turtle

Now this is an adorably unexpected friendship! Watch this little (and somewhat confused) turtle get a bouncing lesson from his obliging puppy pal.

Giddy goats

Who'd have thought? Goats love to get their bounce on – and might we say, they’re naturals!

These little guys are all awkward, gangly limbs, but that’s not going to put a dampener on their enthusiasm. Watch them buck and bounce to their heart’s content. We especially love when one of them lands awkwardly on the other at 0:13!

This little black-and-white baby gets confident on the trampoline pretty quickly, checking it out with his mum first before soon pushing her off to get in a few ecstatic bounces all to himself. Just listen to that little bleat of happiness!

If two goats on a trampoline weren’t enough for you, how about six? While we wouldn’t normally encourage more than two on a trampoline at once, we’ll make an exception for these little guys. They know how to play safe and take turns!

Somersaulting kangaroo

While less of a bounce and more of a tumble, this wild kangaroo in the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, was captured leaving the trampoline in a hurry with a hop, skip and a forward flip (but didn’t quite nail the landing).

Frolicking foxes

Wild foxes are playful, curious creatures who also love a bounce every now and then, apparently! These little fellas were filmed making themselves at home on some backyard trampolines.

This wild fox was seen having the time of his life in Kent, England. Watch as he plays and bounces, flips and rolls around, and then happily trots off when he’s had enough.

Meet this playful pair spotted in Colorado, USA. They made this random backyard their home for the summer, quickly taking over the trampoline when they realised how much fun it was to play and wrestle on the bouncy mat.

Fearless elk

Colorado sure does have some interesting wildlife. This time, it’s a bouncing elk! Filmed in Evergreen, this wild elk got himself through the netting onto the trampoline – but getting out proved to be much harder than getting in.


Keen to make like these adorable animals and get bouncing on your very own trampoline? See the range of Vuly Play trampolines online to find the perfect one for your backyard.

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