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Things to bring on a family bike ride

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Explore the outdoors with your family with a fun bike ride everyone can enjoy. Find a bike path in your city or go off-road and explore the trails. Your kids will love getting active and riding their kid's bikes. To make sure everyone in your family enjoys the outdoor adventure, we've put together cycling trip essentials you should definitely consider!


  • Bike Helmet: A bike helmet should be on the top of your bike trip packing list, especially if you’re going on a family biking trip. Make sure all your bike helmets comply with Australian safety standards.
  • Backpack: A backpack helps you store all your biking essentials. A good backpack for family bike rides is one with reflective panels. This will help you stay visible to vehicles. You should also look for ones that don’t have any long cords or straps that can get caught in the drivetrain. 
  • Water bottle: Pack a full water bottle to keep you hydrated wherever you go.
  • Sun Protection: To protect you and your family from the Australian sun, it’s important to be sun safe. To protect your family from harmful UV rays, sunscreen with high SPF should be used.
  • First aid kit: You never know what could happen on a family bike ride so it’s better to be safe than sorry. Pack a first aid kit in your backpack so you’re always prepared for any injury small or big.
  • Snacks: Snacks will help you and your family power on, especially on longer bike trips. Pack some nutritious snacks like fruit or sandwiches which are ready to eat whenever your family wants to take a quick rest stop.
  • Electrolytes: Packing some electrolytes like Gatorade is another way to restore some energy. 
  • Pump or inflator: This is essential in case you’re faced with a flat tyre during your bike ride. A small pump will save you time and stress if you do run into some slight hiccups on your trip. This will be particularly useful for longer family bike rides.
  • Mobile phone: Some of us can't leave the house with our phones so make this the case when going cycling. A mobile phone will be particularly helpful for any emergency calls or using the GPS function to navigate yourself around.
  • Patch kit: A patch kit is an easy and simple way to patch up any surprise punctures you or your family might get. 
  • Front and Rear Bike Lights: Bike lights are a must especially if you have kids. Front and rear bike lights will help you stay visible in front of vehicles and. Make sure your whole family has their own bike lights.
  • Bike Lock: If you're thinking of leaving your bike alone for a short while, consider packing a bike lock so it doesn’t end up mysteriously missing. 
  • Insect repellent: This one is just a bonus if you’re going on long family bike trips or heading off-road. Ward off annoying bugs and insects as you enjoy your family bike trip.


At Vuly Play, we encourage safe and active play. We have a range of kids bikes suitable for all ages. From getting your toddler their first bike to the more experienced teens who would prefer a mountain bike or BMX bike. We have children's bikes perfect for any family outing.

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