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Australian Ninja Warrior 2022

Posted on
Jun 02, 2022
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The Australian Ninja Warrior 2022 show returns! Season 6 was an action-packed 10-episode long show. Australian Ninja Warrior 2022 was filmed in February-March 2022, and featured an interesting lineup of contestants. 

ninja warrior quest monkey bars.jpg

Australian Ninja Warrior 2022 was hosted by tennis star Jim Courier and journalist and presenter Leila McKinnon. Will & Woody from KIIS FM's national Drive show will also be making an appearance. 

With a brand new set of contestants, the show brought in a large audience of Ninja Warrior enthusiasts and talent. The obstacle course was hosted at Sydney's Olympic Park in the Qudos Bank Arena.

The show brought in a brand new spin, with ninjas competing head to head for the first time! Fans loved this new addition. The added pressure is sure to skyrocket adrenaline levels and add to the spectacle. 

Vuly Ninja Kids Competition 

 *There is no affiliation between Vuly & Ninja Warrior 

When Is Australian Ninja Warrior 2022?

Australian Ninja Warrior 2022 started airing on Channel 9 on Monday June 27. It was a massive hit and drew in a lot of new fans from around the world. 

Australian Ninja Warrior 2022 Contestants

Ben Polson,  Olivia Vivian, Zak Stolz, Bryson Klein, Ashlin Herbert, and Fred Dorrington made a return. A number of never before seen ninjas also joined the veterans, as well as the youngest female ninja to ever compete on Australian Ninja Warrior. 

Kids Ninja Championship 2022 By Vuly

Vuly Play is also hosting a Ninja Competition for kids! Vuly's competition will be held in June 2022, and will be broadcasted on social media.

The prize for winning Vuly's Ninja Competition is $1000 cash, a Ninja Quest Monkey Bars & Vuly's signature Thunder Trampoline. The runners-up will also receive a smaller cash prize, with 2nd place getting $500 and 3rd place getting $250!

Stay tuned for this awesome competition to premiere in July/August 2022 on Vuly's Youtube channel

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What Is Ninja Warrior & Where Did It Originate?

Ninja Warrior is an obstacle course competition that is based on the Japanese Ninja Warrior show. The show originated in Japan and was created by Ushio Higuchi, and first aired in 1997 under the name SASUKE. The Japanese Ninja Warrior, SASUKE, had its finale in season 34, which aired in 2017. 

The original show was aired in 3-hour specials, each covering an entire competition. There would be 4 stages and 100 contestants in total per Ninja Warrior competition. Contestants would compete in stages of increasing difficulty, testing their strength, agility, and balance as they navigate through a series of obstacles.

The show would be filmed outside in a single day, regardless of weather and light conditions. This added to the challenge and unpredictability of the show and made it even more entertaining. 

Since then, many western iterations have emerged. The first American Ninja Warrior season aired in 2009, the first UK Ninja Warrior aired in 2015, and the first Australian Ninja Warrior aired in 2017. The show was adapted for western audiences with a more sporting and competitive focus.

The show has since become very popular, with many people attempting to complete the course every year for notoriety, prize money, and a sense of accomplishment.

Ninja Warrior Obstacles?

The Ninja Warrior obstacle courses are grueling, and it's no wonder why so few people make it all the way to the end. The obstacles vary in difficulty, but some of the most difficult ones include: the Warped Wall, which competitors must scale up a 14-foot vertical wall; the Salmon Ladder, which involves ascending a ladder by jumping a horizontal bar onto a series of vertical rungs; and the Double Pendulum, which requires competitors to swing across two large pendulums. 


grand final australian ninja warrior winner.jpg

Training: How Do You Prepare for Australian Ninja Warrior?

Training for Ninja Warrior is no joke. It takes a lot of hard work and determination to make it through the rigorous obstacles. Here are some tips on how to prepare for the challenge.

Strength training is a must. Upper body strength is especially important for Australian Ninja Warrior training as many of the obstacles require some form of climbing or swinging. This can be achieved through specific strength training at the gym - especially exercises that require vertical pull strength such as completing the monkey bars

Bodyweight training regimes such as rock climbing, gymnastics, and calisthenics are some of the most effective forms of strength training for Ninja Warrior because they are highly specific. 

Artistic gymnastics especially covers almost all of the different types of movements required in Ninja Warrior due to the sheer diversity of skills and motions in the sport. Gymnastics, in many senses, is more extreme than Ninja Warrior, and so it's no surprise that gymnasts tend to outperform the competition.  

Finally the most specific, and therefore, the best form of training for Ninja Warrior is completing actual Ninja Warrior Courses. Nothing can compare to completing obstacles designed for the Australian Ninja Warrior, as these will likely make a return or be redesigned in some capacity to fit a new course.  

Zak Stolz Ninja-Warrior.jpg

Grand Final - Australian Ninja Warrior Finalists 2021

In 2021 the contestants that made the Grand Final were: Ben Polson, Olivia Vivian, Jack Wilson, Jake Baker, Alex Bigg, Todd Smith, Mike Snow, Bryson Klein, Charlie Robbins, Zak Stolz, Ashlin Herbert, Jimmy Burrow.

Why Was Ninja Warrior Mike Snow Disqualified? 

In the semi-final Mike Snow unknowingly touched part of the spin hopper obstacle that contests were not allowed to touch when we leaned out to grab the first set of spinning handles. After completing the obstacle the alarm went off and Mike Snow was told he had been disqualified. Many people felt this was unfair because this did not substantially help Mike complete the course.  

Who Won Ninja Warrior Australia 2021?

Zak Stolz ended up winning Australian Ninja Warrior 2021 and walking away with $200,000.


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