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Winter trampoline activities for the kids.

Don’t think that because the days are becoming shorter and the air is becoming cooler that the kids’ trampolining has to wrap up altogether! Today we share some of our favourite winter activities for the kids and their Vuly which will keep the trampoline fun going right throughout the cooler months.

 Snowflake garland.jpg
Winter trampoline activities for the kids—Snowflake garlands

Perfect for a chilly afternoon, these snowflake garlands are the perfect wintery trampoline craft activity for the kids to do before hanging them around the trampoline enclosure as a beautiful snow-inspired cold weather decoration. All you need is some paper, a pair of kid-friendly scissors, a stapler and some wire ties to fix them to the mesh enclosure, and you’re set!

Tip: If your craft skills are a little rusty and you’re not sure how to make a paper snowflake, just venture online where you’ll find lots of DIY guides, videos and how-tos.

Winter trampoline activities for the kids—Pin the nose on the snowman

Based on the classic ‘Pin the tail on the donkey’ game, kids will love this reimagined winter-inspired trampoline activity. As they’re blindfolded and spun around before attempting to stick the ‘carrot nose’ on the cardboard snowman, you’ll be thankful that they have a safe, bouncy surface to land on if they take a tumble!

How to:

  • Using a pair of scissors, cut out three large cardboard circles (these will be for the body of your snowman)
  • Staple the circles together from largest to smallest, then using a black felt pen, draw on some eyes and buttons down your snowman’s front. Punch a small hole in the head of the snowman so he can be attached to the trampoline enclosure later
  • Cut out a long triangle and colour in orange to be the snowman’s nose (each child will need their own orange ‘carrot nose’ to play), then fix the back with double-sided tape so it can easily be stuck onto the cardboard snowman during the game
  • Head outside to the trampoline and attach your snowman’s body to the inside of the mesh enclosure using a small wire tie. Ensure he’s low enough for the little ones to reach
  • Each competitor must be blindfolded and spun around a few times before attempting to ‘stick the nose on the snowman’—whoever gets their nose the closest to the correct position wins.

Winter trampoline activities for the kids—Winter clothing race

This trampoline activity is an absolute blast and made even more fun for the kids thanks to their Vuly’s bouncy base. Each child must have one of each of the clothing items listed below inside the trampoline enclosure with them before beginning. They then must race each other by putting on each of their winter clothing items, all whilst bouncing around their trampoline. Whoever can get dressed the fastest wins!

Winter clothing race items:

  • Socks
  • Scarf
  • Jumper
  • Jacket
  • Slippers
  • Gloves
  • Beanie

Do you have any wintery activities you and the kids enjoy to play on your Vuly trampoline once the mercury drops?

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