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Planning Parties With Your Vuly Trampoline

Trampolines are a fantastic way to incorporate more fun into your family's next party. Birthday parties, public holidays, barbeques, family reunions, or hot summer days — your family will be looking for opportunities to throw the most exciting trampoline parties in town! All you need is a trampoline, a backyard, and some creativity. Need some more guidance? Read on!

A trampoline party is family friendly, low cost, and sure to be memorable for all invited.

The benefits of hosting a trampoline party:

- Trampolines can be set up on any level, sturdy surface, which eliminates the need to book an expensive private hall or restaurant.

- The location can be extremely flexible and can be tailored to be an abundant kiddie soirée or a fun neighbourhood bash.

- The many options mean that you can easily control the amount of money spent—a key benefit in today's tough economy.

Parents who encourage an active lifestyle for kids will find the exercise theme attractive and may be relieved that the festivities do not take place in an unhealthy fast-food joint. Here are Vuly's top tips for a fantastic trampoline party!

- Start with invitations in order to have a better idea of attendance and necessary supplies. Computer-savvy people can make these quickly and inexpensively and can feature a photo of the party hosts on the trampoline as the main image. Add all of the necessary information on the inside with RSVP details, toss them in the mailbox, and move on to the next phase of your trampoline party planning.

Trampoline parties give hosts the fabulous option of having all of the food outside. Picnic tables can easily be set up with all of the necessary items that your partygoers need. For large, informal parties, it may be useful to have one picnic table dedicated to finger foods and snacks, including sandwiches, watermelon, chips, and other goodies. Vuly Tip: Don't forget the cake—many bakeries now offer pictures to be transferred in icing to the cake surface. If this option is not available, a skilled baker can easily draw a trampoline on the cake surface in varying colours and illustrations for your themed event.

Queues move more efficiently if drinks are located on another table. Jumping on a trampoline requires considerable amounts of energy, so ensure that your party guests do not become dehydrated. Encourage trampoline jumpers to take breaks to rest and drink something and include sufficient amounts of water in addition to soft drinks for partygoers, as this is more hydrating and healthier than carbonated concoctions. For an even more refreshing experience, provide plenty of ice in a cooler.

Bright, attractive napkins, cutlery, plates, and cups lend a festive flair to your trampoline party's image. Although it is not necessary, some party hosts tie helium-filled balloons to the chairs. These added touches are not necessary and can easily be omitted if your trampoline party is operating on a budget.

Trampoline Party Games

Any celebratory trampoline party is made better by including trampoline games. We love hearing from our customers and frequently are given feedback about the fun that trampoline users are having on their Vuly products. For your party entertainment, we have compiled a collection of the most commonly played games on our trampolines.

Note: for more fun and games ideas check out our "Trampoline Games" article.

    • For bolder children who are not bothered by small noises, try filling the trampoline surface with balloons. Each child has an allotted amount of time to pop as many balloons as possible. Whoever pops the most balloons in the shortest amount of time wins!

    • One trampoline party host said their grandchildren and friends beg to play a trampoline game they have dubbed "Hot Potato". "While one child is bouncing on the trampoline, the others circle around it. They each are given a soft ball and toss the balls over the safety net and into the trampoline enclosure. The bouncing kid has to catch as many balls as possible without dropping them. Whoever manages to catch the most balls and hold on them at the end of the game while still bouncing on the trampoline wins!

    • One trampoline party host invented a game called "Don't Forget!" It strongly resembles the memory game played in primary school in which players must remember qualities about people based on their names, but incorporates physical activity on at trampoline. One child climbs on the trampoline and says something like, ‘My name is Abby, I'm from Adelaide, and I like apples…don't forget!' and then performs a simple trampoline trick. It could be a bottom drop or a knee drop, or maybe a 360 spin. She then gets off of the trampoline and lets another kid on. That kid then might get on the trampoline and repeat her ‘Abby' sequence, then perform her trick, and start his own sequence. The next players have to keep remembering the sequences before them.

    • "Bum War" was the trampoline game of choice for a recent trampoline party. Partygoers challenged each other to see how many times they can ‘bum', or bounce landing on their behind, and then bounce back up on their feet. The remaining players (who are outside of the safety net) clap and count the number of "bums" each child has achieved. The kid who gets as many 'bums' as possible without losing their balance or using their hands wins.

Trampoline parties provide hours of fun, economic fun for partygoers and hosts alike, and the whole family can join in.

Has your family thrown a fun trampoline party recently? Let us know! We love hearing from our valued customers and know that your Vuly trampoline will provide hours of enjoyment for the whole family.

Disclaimer: Vuly does not specifically endorse any of the mentioned games and only relays information that is given to us. Children are to be supervised while jumping on our trampolines at all times, and the use of safety nets and additional safety equipment is strongly recommended. Vuly recommends that only one child at a time be allowed on the trampoline in order to decrease the risk of injury. Please check the weight requirements on your trampoline model.

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