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Outdoor family fun with Vuly this Easter weekend.

If you’re after some sunny, outdoor family fun this Easter long weekend, then you can’t go past these brilliant activities that involve your Vuly trampoline! From backyard picnics to tech-savvy videos, gather the gang for a family activity they’ll be sure to love.

 Easter picnic.jpg
Outdoor family fun with Vuly this Easter weekend—Easter trampoline picnic

Take advantage of your Vuly’s comfy trampoline mat and cool, sunny days with an outdoor trampoline picnic this Easter weekend. Get the kids involved in putting together some yummy, healthy picnic platters (think crackers and dip, fresh fruit and chocolate eggs, of course!), then load up the trampoline mat with your delicious spread. The kids will love having the parents out of the house and enjoying their favourite backyard addition!

 Crazy jumps.jpg
Outdoor family fun with Vuly this Easter weekend—‘Crazy Jump’ competition

Once the food has settled, ramp up the Easter weekend with a fantastic active outdoor competition on your Vuly trampoline. The ‘Crazy Jump’ competition involves each member of the family climbing onto their Vuly and attempting their craziest, silliest jump. Whether it’s flapping their arms like a bird, twirling around as a human tornado or attempting the world’s highest star jump, we encourage you to all get your crazy creative juices flowing.

Outdoor family fun with Vuly this Easter weekend—Easter trampoline videos

In the modern age of technology, it’s easier than ever before to create unique home videos, the perfect way to remember this Easter’s family fun with your Vuly trampoline. Download one of the two following free smartphone apps (or both!) to create family memories like no other.

  • Boomerang:This video app records a short, sharp video of only a few seconds in length, but replays it forwards then backwards indefinitely. Ideal for recording bouncing ‘Easter bunny’ children on your Vuly trampoline!
  • Hyperlapse: This video app records a longer period of video (we recommend 2-5 minutes in length), but then speeds it up so the vision moves in fast forward. Ideal for recording eager children working their way around the garden searching for hidden Easter eggs.

*Tip: When using either the Boomerang or Hyperlapse apps, remember to keep your smartphone camera very still, so the video footage doesn’t distort

Let us know if you got the troops involved in any of our outdoor family activities with your Vuly trampoline this Easter!

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