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It's the Trampoline Season

As we hurtle towards the busiest time of the year, Vuly is preparing to send more trampolines than ever before to backyards around the world, all in time for Christmas.

This requires some serious hustle from all our staff as mums and dads finalise their kids’ Christmas wish lists and start ticking the boxes.  Why not get that brand new Vuly2 or Thunder they’ve been nagging you for, wrapped up in ribbons and bows?

Prepare in advance

With only about four weeks left until Santa arrives, the clock is ticking for you to get your trampoline organised before the big man in the red suit comes down the chimney (or through the window if you haven’t got one). It’s best to get in early and avoid disappointment, because our stock is disappearing quicker than you can say ‘Saint Nick’!

In any case, it’s time to get organised before things turn into a headache. For some, just thinking about the kids’ stocking stuffers, buying the right sized turkey for the whole family, and who’s going to do dessert can be a traumatic experience. Of course, the kids can be hard too. Like that tugging at your sleeve when you walk past the advent calendars in the supermarket… Which is hard to avoid even three months before Christmas, when piles of tinsel and baubles hit the shelves all too soon.

We know Santa’s job of delivering trampolines and other toys all around the world in one night is a pretty big effort, but luckily Vuly has little helpers located in many different places. Outside of Australia and the US, Vuly is beginning to expand to the UK, France, Germany and other European centres where we have exciting plans for 2015!

Add Vuly to your wish list

So kids, in the meantime, stop nagging mum and dad for the chocolate, and finish your gift wishlist – but keep them realistic. No hover boards or unicorns! You can always ask for a Vuly Deck that hovers on a trampoline. Who knows, if you’ve been very well behaved this year, you might just get that shiny new Vuly trampoline you’ve been waiting for!

Go to for more on our products and accessories, or speak to one of our friendly staff at or on 1300 667 514.




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