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Best Mountain Bike Trails Brisbane - Beginner To Advanced Trails

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Jul 12, 2021
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Explore the natural wonders Brisbane has to offer with your mountain bike. Mountain biking has gained popularity over the years with more riders swapping out their regular bicycles with mountain bikes to explore Brisbane's backyard.

If you're from Brisbane, you're in luck as we've got some of the best mountain bike trails for all skill levels. There's a number of trails you can hop on, but we've hand-picked our favourites Brisbane trails for every skill level.

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Easy Mountain Bike Trails in Brisbane

If you're new to mountain biking and are itching to get on the trails, these 3 trails are just for you! These trails are also perfect if you're riding around with your family, and great for getting your kids involved (remember they'll need their own kid's mountain bike!)

Rocket Frog Trail

A great track for beginners located at Gap Creek Reserve, it is known for its easy-flowing downhill ride. From the top of the track down, it's 2km with the option to ride in both directions. The Rocket Frog trail is one of the most popular trails in its area.

Frog Link

Another trail located at Gap Creek Reserve, the Frog Link is short and sweet measuring 250m from end to end. We recommend starting on the East side of the trail where it starts on level ground before starting an ascend to the top. You can go up and down this trail or continue onto Rocket Frog mentioned above.

Pick Up Sticks

A favourite trail amongst beginner riders located in Bayview Conservation Park. It is best ridden from the East side of the trail, where you make your way down 1.8km of the track before reaching Mud Lark trail. For beginners and families, we recommend doing a round trip back to the beginning.


Intermediate Mountain Bike Trails in Brisbane

If you're accustomed to the rough terrain of mountain biking, we've got some popular trails throughout Brisbane just for you.


A 2.4km mountain bike trail that can be ridden up or down and located at Samford Conservation Park. The trail is flowy, well maintained with tight berms. It's not hard to see why it's one of the most popular trails amongst seasoned mountain bikers.

Wallaby (1)

The Wallaby (1) is a short mountain bike trail located at Bunyaville Conservation Park and measures 860m from end to end. It features a nice descent down if you start from the north end, with berms and a flowy track. Make sure not to keep your mountain bike tire pressure slightly lower for better grip! 

Mountain Bike Hub XCC

Located in Underwood Park, This trail is popular amongst intermediate riders and even families looking for a step up from the easy mountain bike trails. The trail runs 1.4km one way but it is enjoyed going both directions. It's a great trail for a workout with several descends and ascends throughout.


Advanced Mountain Bike Trails in Brisbane


The pipeline is a short yet exciting trail located at Gap Creek Reserve. It runs just under 1km at 938m and can only be ridden downhill. The trail features big berms and man-made features encouraging a quick ride down.

Clear Mountain DH (Original)

The Clear Mountain DH Trail is for true mountain bike thrill-seekers. Located at Clear Mountain Conservation Park, the trail runs for 2km downhill. This trail requires commitment and advanced bike handling to get around the sneaky lines and big jumps.

Whip Snake (12)

Whip Snake s a relatively new 2.2km mountain bike trail located at Samford Conservation Park. Riders suggest getting familiar with the track before giving it 100% as there can be some tricky spots. It features some techy climbs and difficult log overs designed only for the experienced.

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