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Adding to Team Vuly

There’s been quite a few changes within the Vuly business of late, as we seek to constantly expand and improve. We’re very happy to introduce even more additions to our growing team of staff at HQ and at our Californian office, and extend a warm welcome to Daniel Cunneen and Rob Sinclair-Steele!

Daniel Cunneen

General Manager, North America

Dan is responsible for all aspects of Vuly’s North American operation, with an emphasis on revenue growth. Most recently he has held the position of state manager for a large non-bank FX dealer, which has given him the right experience to successfully handle new business generation, and sales and people management. Dan’s an adventurous, happy person who loves to experience new things with his kids. At 6 ft 3, he defies logic on plane trips by falling asleep before taking off, and only waking up once he’s landed.

Robert Sinclair-Steele

Sales Manager, Australia

Rob’s main focus at Vuly is to acquire new business and maintain relationships with our current and future resellers. After honing his branding skills before coming to Vuly, Rob has the ability to learn and develop a product, and then build interest around it by captivating audiences. A savvy, driven, motivated leader with the ability to work with others towards a common goal, he works better under pressure, and is the first to suggest cake to mark an occasion.

Welcome to Team Vuly!
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