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The crunches myth: How do you really tone your stomach?

We’ve all seen the infomercials on TV where rounds of belly-burning crunches promise a transformation from fat to thin. Are endless crunches really the way to achieve that tight, toned physique that we all dream of? Unfortunately, that gleaming, muscly athlete body doesn't happen overnight (and rarely from monotonous crunches).

Today, we explore that ways that you can really lose belly fat... without doing a single crunch!

How to really tone your stomach – Introduce interval training

One of the most effective ways to shift that unwanted bulge is by getting your heart rate up in short, sharp bursts. Enter interval training! Interval training is a workout style that involves short periods of high-intensity exercises, combined with low intensity exercises and recovery periods. When your heart rate fires, your body immediately begins burning through fat stores, including those held around your tummy.

Rather than hitting the treadmill for an extended period of low intensity jogging, switch to interval training which will halve your workout time whilst upping the number of calories burnt. We've talked before about how to include your trampoline into your interval workout!

How to really tone your stomach – Don’t forget the weights


Weights training is a powerful way to not only sculpt and tone your body, but to burn fat stores in record timing. Unlike cardio training, which stops burning calories the minute that you jump off the bike or step off that treadmill, strength training will build muscle throughout your body. It means that you'll continue to burn through calories long after you finish your workout.

How to really tone your stomach – Overhaul your diet


One of the most important points to note when trying to lose tummy fat is that it’s not just important what you put out, but also what you put in. Diet is integral to weight loss; have a close look at your daily food intake and think about introducing smaller meals more often. Ensure that you’re eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, are cooking with healthy oils and are getting enough protein.

Don't forget: water, water, water! Water helps to maintain your metabolic rate, ensuring that calories don’t become stagnant and that they're being burnt off right throughout the day.

How to really tone your stomach – Time your meals

Eating late at night is detrimental to weight loss; you don’t burn through your food at a normal rate while you’re sleeping. Ensuring that you eat dinner early in the evening is vital, and try to resist those late night snacks! Kick-starting your metabolism with a healthy breakfast is another great way to get that fat burning first thing; we've looked at our favourite quick and healthy breakfast ideas before.


Have you embarked on a fat-burning mission? Let us know your tips and tricks on staying active and eating healthy!

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