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Trampoline on YouTube

Type 'trampoline' into the YouTube search engine and you'll come up with over 2,620,000 results.  Approximately 85% of those results are something to the effect of "My friend acting stupid on a trampoline" or "Trampoline Tricks Gone Wrong". Come on! Are you crazy?

I can't be the first contributor to this blog who has seen this and, subsequently, thought that this can paint a poor picture of the mental and physical health benefits that a trampolines can bring.  The truth is, when used appropriately, a trampoline is one of the most useful pieces of health equipment available according to NASA's trampoline studies. However, I think that their reputation can sometimes suffer when they are used in a way that, frankly, is not very smart.

So, to make things easier, why don't we lay out a short list of good reasons to own a trampoline?

  1. To increase physical fitness

  2. To increase your ocular-motor skills

  3. To tone muscles

  4. To reach your activity level goals

  5. To improve balance and coordination

  6. To improve the functioning of the lymphatic system

....and if you purchase a trampoline for these few bad reasons, you probably need to re-think it.

  1. To jump off of a house

  2. To crash into your friends at mid-air

  3. To try to learn poorly-executed backflips

  4. To give a scenario that starts with "Watch this!"

  5. To use it to jump onto other things (especially when the other thing is a moving person, page three of results!)

  6. To give you a surface on which to wrestle

What do you think? What's the most ridiculous stunt you have ever seen attempted on a trampoline (and how much was the bill!)? Does YouTube encourage this bad behaviour?

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