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12 Best Obstacle Courses for Kids

Posted on
Nov 02, 2023
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kids obstacle course.jpg 

1. Pool Noodle and Balloon Course

The Pool Noodle and Balloon Course is a fun obstacle course for kids that incorporates pool noodles and balloons. These soft barriers create great obstacles for the kids because they are easy to set up and are super safe. 

They can be set up in the backyard, the playground, and even within the home. The idea of this obstacle course is not to touch the pool noodles and balloons in the way of the obstacle course. If they do, then they're sent to the start of the course where they can attempt it again. 


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2. Ninja Warrior Course for Kids

Inspired by the Ninja Warrior TV show, the Ninja Warrior course can be set up on any playground. The idea is to create a challenging obstacle course that kids need to complete as quickly as possible without touching the ground. Each child is timed and the fastest kid to complete the course wins!

This fun kids outdoor game can also be played in the backyard with a Vuly Ninja Quest monkey bars set


water obstacle course.jpg

3. DIY Water Obstacle Course

Everyone loves water, especially on a hot Summer's day! In this obstacle course, kids need to stay in the water. Start them in the backyard and get them to navigate buckets full of water, sprinklers and their friends shooting them with water guns - and have them try to make it to the pool without stepping on the ground.

4. Don't Ring the Bells Course

This obstacle course uses strings with bells on them, and can be played both indoors and out. The idea is for kids to navigate the course without touching any of the strings. If they do the bell rings and they're out! This one takes a little time to set up and can make a mess, but the kids will love you for it! 


spy training obstacle course.jpg

5. Spy Training Course

Similar to the previous course, the Spy Training Course is designed for kids who like to squeeze through tight spaces. It requires a lot of coordination and flexibility, and aims to teach kids patience and strategy. 

The idea is to booby trap the obstacle course with rubber bands tied around doorways and furniture if indoors, or around playground equipment if outdoors. Kids need to navigate these challenges without touching the rubber bands. It can also be played with lights and lasers, just be sure that the lasers are not powerful and the kids don't look at them directly. 


masking tape obstacle course.jpg

6. Masking Tape DIY Course

This one's super easy to set up, all you'll need is masking tape. Mark the ground with masking tape to create the obstacle course. Kids need to navigate the masking tape without touching the ground.

This course can be made more interesting by marking walls as well. In this alternative version kids can touch the ground but need to be making contact with masking tape somewhere - either on the ground or on a wall. 

 indoor obstacle course.jpg

7. Indoor DIY Course

The indoor DIY obstacle course is a fantastic course to do on a rainy day. Use pillows, furniture and chairs to create an elaborate obstacle course. Kids need to move through the course without touching the ground. 

8. Backyard Wipeout Course

This is a fun one! The Backyard Wipeout Course is based on the Wipeout series and should be played with older kids. To be played outside, this course can be as simple or complicated as you'd like. It can incorporate a water obstacle course, can be played on a playground or in the backyard. 

The idea behind this course is that friends and family deliberately try to make participants fail the course. This can be achieved with water balloons, pool noodles, and garden hoses. 

 glow in the darkobstacle course.jpg

9. Glow in the Dark Course

This is a fun obstacle course that is played with glow-in-the-dark sticks. Kids need to make their way across the ground and step only on the path of shining glow sticks. The Glow-In-The-Dark Course adds the thrill of the night sky and challenges children to stay on course while they are outside their comfort zone. 


bike obtsacle course.jpg


10. Bike Course

If your kids love to ride their bikes why not create a bike obstacle course? This obstacle course is usually made using cones in an open space. The objective is for the kids to ride their bikes in between the cones without going out of bounds. 

This will not only test their riding abilities and coordination but will keep them entertained for hours. Feel free to incorporate twists and turns and ramps to make the course more challenging. 


11. Sidewalk Obstacle Course

The sidewalk obstacle courses can be played on any sidewalk. All you'll need is some chalk. Draw up the course or get the kids to use their imaginations. A good way to make it is by drawing up boxes where kids can step. Outside these markings is out of bounds. 

 high ropes obtsacle course.jpg

12. High Ropes Course

The High Ropes course is a challenging obstacle course that will test the bravery of anyone who attempts it - kids and adults both! This course can only really be done at special high ropes course locations, and require considerable safety precautions. Usually, the courses are made up in the trees about 5 metres off the ground. 

To participate kids need to climb a ladder and be strapped into a harness that prevents them from falling. High ropes courses provide a ton of excitement and have a number of challenging obstacles, many of which require a good sense of balance. 

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Victor Volynski
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