360 Pro received an international Good Design Selection® in 2017 for accomplished industrial design and superior product innovation.

Children and parents playing and splashing water on their Vuly swing set in their backyard.

There's no other outdoor play equipment like Vuly 360 Pro swing set. With a customizable, premium build and distinctly Vuly design, it's made to push limits.

Watch video - See the 360 Pro Swing Set in action.

Unique fun

Twist the full 360o and swing at the same time - only possible on Vuly 360 Pro swing set.

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The 360 backyard swing set has a modular design for children.

360 Spin Swing

Kids can surf, skate and snowboard at home, with adjustable spin sensitivity.


360 Yoga Swing

Release your inner acrobat or lie back with a book and pillow.


Modular swing set design

Customize with an expanding range of swings, set configurations and accessories. Customize yours now   chevron_right

Add-ons will be released continuously

Premium weather resistant and metal materials are used.

Premium rust defence

Protect against weather.
Vuly's triple treatment process comprises:

Heat treatment   Heat treatment

Double galvanised kids playset   Double galvanization

Power cotaed outdoor playset   Powder-coating


Metal swing set dimensions

Stronger construction

Enjoy years of fun, with 2x thicker and 40% wider parts.


Bigger swing area

Swing further! Just make sure you have the clearance required.

Metal swing set clearance

The Vuly Swing Set frame dimensions in inches.

Fully upgradable

All it takes is an Upsize Kit and an extra Swing to turn your Small into a Medium or your Medium into a Large.


Sturdy structure

Let your children play with confidence on a solid A-frame fully secured with anchors.


Ready for everyone

Each is 231cm tall and tested for a combined user weight of 330 lbs and a per-swing user weight of 176 lbs (143 lbs for Spin Swing).

Small kid's swing set (1 swing)

96.5in (w) x 91in (h)
80in (d)

Medium children's swing set (2 swings)

140in (w) x 91in (h)
80in (d)

Large outdoor swing set (3 swings)

183in (w) x 91in (h)
80in (d)


Sun coverage

Slide on the durable, polypropylene Shade Cover for years of sheltered outdoor play.


Part of the Vuly family

Attach a Basketball Set*, Mister or Pulse to your 360, and enjoy them in a new way.

*Basketball Set requires an adapter for 360 (sold separately).


Shade Cover

10,000+ test hours

in the outdoors

Spin Swing

10,000+ test spins

on our swing set machine.


72-hour salt spray

testing to certify rust protection.



Swing Set weight: 161 lbs (not including swings)

Max user weight per-swing: 176 lbs (Spin: 143 lbs)

Max combined user weight: 330 lbs


Frame 1 of 2
(L) 45.7in   (W) 15.6in   (H) 6.1in

Frame 2 of 2
(L) 43.3in   (W) 17in   (H) 13.4in

Shade Cover 1 of 1
(L) 15in   (W) 20.5in   (H) 2in

+ 1x Swing


Swing Set weight: 173 lbs (not including swings)

Max user weight per-swing: 176 lbs (Spin: 143 lbs)

Max combined user weight: 330 lbs


Frame 1 of 2
(L) 45.7in   (W) 5.6in   (H) 6.1in

Frame 2 of 2
(L) 43.3in   (W) 17in   (H) 13.4in

Upsize Kit 1 of 1
(L) 44.4in   (W) 7in   (H) 2.5in

Shade Cover 1 of 1
(L) 15in   (W) 20.5in   (H) 2.4in

+ 2x Swings


Swing Set weight: 173 lbs (not including swings)

Max user weight per-swing: 176 lbs (Spin: 143 lbs)

Max combined user weight: 330 lbs


Frame 1 of 2
(L) 45.7in   (W) 15.6in   (H) 6.1in

Frame 2 of 2
(L) 44.3in   (W) 16.9in   (H) 13.4in

Upsize Kit 1 of 2
(L) 44.4in   (W) 7in   (H) 2.5in

Upsize Kit 2 of 2
(L) 44.4in   (W) 7in   (H) 2.5in

Shade Cover 1 of 1
(L) 15in   (W) 20.5in   (H) 3.9in

+ 3x Swings



Spin: (L) 44.5in   (W) 19.7in   (H) 6.9in
Yoga: (L) 13in   (W) 13in   (H) 3.5in
Nest: (L) 24.8in   (W) 24in   (H) 3.7in

How is 360 a stronger and safer swing set?


When a little time passes, and the kids have grown a little older, they can become bored of their outdoor swing set, leaving it sad and alone in the backyard – if it hasn't become a rusted, broken-down eyesore first. Neither of these fates await Vuly 360!

Most swing set frames are made from either plastic parts or metal that's both very thin and hasn't been prepared for years in the backyard – where weather takes its toll. Vuly 360 uses frame components that are not only 100% steel, they're 0.1 inch thick and twice as wide for extra stability. You can also forget about the rust that plagues most swing sets. 360 uses the signature Vuly black, matte powder-coating to keep it looking beautiful and rust free long after other swing sets have become a safety hazard.

Because 360 is designed to be a long-lasting fixture of your backyard, it's easy to customize it to change with your family. A constantly growing range of easy-to-swap and totally unique swings and modules are on the way that make a Vuly swing set the one that they can grow up with.

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Ensure you read and follow instructions provided in your Assembly Manual before using any Vuly product. Do not use your swing set in any way not described in the manual.

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