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15 Best Trampoline Parks in the USA

Posted on
May 16, 2023
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Trampoline parks have undoubtedly become a go-to destination for kids and adults who love fun and fitness. These parks provide an exhilarating experience while offering a unique and enjoyable avenue to maintain an active and energized lifestyle, without the hassle of maintaining and cleaning your trampoline. Adding to their allure, these trampoline parks cater to a diverse range of preferences and budgets by offering a wide array of program and pricing options at each location. Whether you're in search of exhilarating classes just looking to have fun by yourself, trampoline parks have you covered.


Here, we have compiled a list of the best trampoline parks in the USA, each with unique features that set them apart from the rest.


1. Sky Zone Trampoline Park

Sky Zone Trampoline Park offers a variety of attractions that are sure to push your limits, make you laugh, and provide hours of fun for all ages. 

Among its unique attractions is its Freestyle Jump, where visitors can unleash their acrobatic prowess on expansive wall-to-wall trampoline courts. It's a thrilling experience that combines fun with an element of challenge. Sky Zone Trampoline Park also features skyslam, ultimate dodgeball, foam zone, skyhoops, skyline, a ninja warrior course, challenge zone, and the heart-pounding drop slide, where you can freefall from extraordinary heights and land in epic fashion.

No age is too young or too old to join the fun. You can enjoy a 60-minute jump at $10 to $20, a 90-minute jump at $15 to $25, and a 120-minute jump at $20 and $30. For those who want to spend the entire day jumping, an all-day pass is available for $25 and $40.


With multiple locations scattered across the United States.

These include:

  • Sky Zone Trampoline Park Springfield, NJ
  • Sky Zone Trampoline Park New Rochelle NY
  • Sky Zone Trampoline Park Springdale, OH
  • Sky Zone Trampoline Park Elmhurst IL 
  • Sky Zone Trampoline Park Las Vegas NV


 skyzone trampoline parks.jpg


2. Altitude Trampoline Park

Embracing its brand mantra "Jump Life," Altitude Trampoline Park underscores the value of infusing more "jump" into our lives.

This park features thousands of square feet of indoor trampolines and other thrilling activities. From extreme dodgeball tournaments and ninja courses to trampoline basketball, each Altitude park has its own unique mix of high-flying trampolines, courses, and competitions. The park also features a battle beam, high-9, stunt bag, and valo jump for visitors to test their skills.

Its ticket pass grants full access to all its attractions, costing $24 and $28 for 90 and 120-minute jump, respectively. Additionally, Altitude offers various specials, such as the Happy Hour Jump, Glow in the Park, and Family Fun Pack, to enhance the jumping experience.


An extraordinary adventure awaits at their prominent locations, including:

  • Altitude Trampoline Park Bradenton, FL
  • Altitude Trampoline Park Vista, CA 
  • Altitude Trampoline Park Chicago, IL
  • Altitude Trampoline Park Cincinnati, OH
  • Altitude Trampoline Park Woodbridge, NJ


3. Get Air Trampoline Park

A unique feature of Get Air Trampoline Park is its Ninja Course which is perfect for visitors who have always wanted to train like a ninja or have a go at parkour. The course features a series of exciting obstacles that test visitors' agility, strength, and balance. 

In addition to the Ninja Course, Get Air offers wall-to-wall trampolines, foam pits, dodgeball, slamball, and more. Visitors can jump and flip for hours in the Open Court, which features side-by-side trampolines. The Main Court offers individual trampolines, vertical trampolines, trampoline dodgeball, and trampoline lanes for those looking for a little variety. For young visitors, Get Air has a special section of the trampoline park called the Kiddie Court which is specially designed for visitors under 46 inches tall and offers all the same fun as the rest of the park. 

Get Air Trampoline Park offers an exciting and unique experience for visitors of all ages. Visitors can purchase a one-hour, two-hour, or three-hour jump pass for $16, $24, and $27, respectively.


Get Air locations include:

  • Get Air Trampoline Park Surf City CA
  • Get Air Trampoline Park Syracuse, NY
  • Get Air Trampoline Park Columbus, OH
  • Get Air Trampoline Park Corpus Christi, TX
  • Get Air Trampoline Park Virginia Beach, VA

 Get Air Trampoline Park.jpg

4. Urban Air Trampoline Park

Urban Air offers a wide range of attractions suitable for all ages, making it an ideal location for kids' birthday parties, special events, or just a day out with the family.

One of the park's most unique features is the Slam Dunk Zone, where visitors can perform impressive basketball dunks. Trampolines and basketball are the perfect combination, allowing visitors to prctice moves like the behind-the-head or double-clutch slam dunk.

For visitors who want to test their acrobatic skills, the ProZone Performance Trampolines and DropZone attractions provide the perfect opportunity to bounce off walls and perform flips and spins. Urban Air offers several other attractions, such as the Leap of Faith for superhero-like jumps, Laser Fury for a bumper car ride with a laser light show, and Mini-Golf with a fun neon jungle theme.

Urban Air offers three different passes, each with varying levels of attraction access and pricing. The Platinum Pass allows access to all attractions, while the Ultimate and Deluxe passes offer a selection of attractions at different price points.


You can experience the excitement of Urban Air Trampoline Park at various locations, including:

  • Urban Air Trampoline Park McKinney, TX
  • Urban Air Trampoline Park Frederick, MD
  • Urban Air Trampoline Park Bloomington, IN
  • Urban Air Trampoline Park Tacoma, WA
  • Urban Air Trampoline Park Melbourne, FL


5. Elevate Trampoline Park

Elevate Trampoline Park is an indoor trampoline park that offers a high-energy and fun-filled experience for all ages. One of the unique attractions at Elevate is its ninja courses. These challenging courses will test even the most skilled jumpers with obstacles like balance beams, ropes, and warped walls.

The park also offers basketball, jousting, dodgeball, wall bounce, and a foam pit. For those who want to experience all the park has to offer, Elevate offers an all-park access pass for a flat hourly rate.

Elevate Trampoline Park is open to anyone looking for an adrenaline rush and a fun day out. Visitors can choose from a 90-Minute Jump Pass for $16.99, a 2-Hour Jump Pass starting at $22.00, or an All-Day Jump Pass for $24.99.


Elevate Trampoline Park has multiple locations across the United States, including:


  • Elevate Trampoline Park Champaign, IL
  • Elevate Trampoline Park Tucson, AZ
  • Elevate Trampoline Park Davenport, IA
  • Elevate Trampoline Park Rio Rancho, NM
  • Elevate Trampoline Park Goodyear AZ

 Elevate Trampoline Park.jpg

6. Surge Adventure Parks and Entertainment Centers

This park offers a cutting-edge and unique experience for entertainment, fitness, and sports. These venues are perfect for active social outings, intense workouts, and memorable birthday parties.

The trampoline park is truly a standout feature, with a range of trampolines for visitors to jump and play on. Other extreme attractions include sports simulators, laser tag, bowling, zip lines, climbing features, high dives, and trapezes. Soft play, dodgeball, basketball, and a ninja course are also available.

Prices at Surge Adventure Parks vary by location and time of day. On weekdays, prices range from $15.99 for a one-hour jump to $28.99 for an all-day jump.


Don't miss out on the thrill and excitement. Locations include:

  • Surge Trampoline Park Fayetteville, NC
  • Surge Trampoline Park Homewood, AL
  • Surge Trampoline Park Newport News, VA
  • Surge Trampoline Park Oklahoma City, OK
  • Surge Trampoline Park Winston-Salem, NC


7. Fly High Trampoline Park

Visitors can experience the park's super trampolines and parkour, which allow them to soar to new heights and test their agility. For those who admire American Ninja Warrior, Fly High Trampoline Park has a Ninja Course with foam pits where they can challenge their strength and endurance. The Soft Play area, equipped with slides and a ball pit, provides an excellent space for young children to play to their heart's content. Additionally, visitors can test their abilities on the Wipe-Out, and navigate the Nets Course with agility and balance.

1-hour access is priced at $18 and includes access to trampolines, Wipe-Out, zip line, and ball pits. 2-hour access is priced at $25 and includes access to Ninja Warrior, Soft Play, tube slides, and ball shooters. For children three years and younger, 1-hour access to trampolines, Wipe-Out, zip line, and ball pit is priced at $10, while 2-hour access to Ninja Warrior, Soft Play, tube slides, and ball shooter is priced at $15.


Locations include:

  • Fly High Trampoline Park Boise, ID
  • Fly High Trampoline Ogden, UT
  • Fly High Trampoline Farmington, NM
  • Fly High Trampoline Reno, NV
  • Fly High Trampoline Fort Collins, CO

 Fly High Trampoline Park.jpg

8. Big Air Trampoline Park

Big Air Trampoline Park offers a wide range of jumping surfaces, including trampoline dodgeball courts, slam dunk courts, ninja-warrior courses, foam pits, freestyle courts, and climbing walls, to name a few. Their slum dunk zone is a unique attraction, allowing visitors to test their skills and aim with gravity-defying slam dunks.

In addition to the park's attractions, Big Air offers several programs for visitors to enjoy. Their Cosmic Nights on Fridays and Saturdays are a steal, giving visitors access to all the park's attractions, and their Toddler Time on Wednesdays and Thursdays is the perfect outlet for toddlers' energy.

The prices vary depending on the duration of the visit, with one hour costing $18-20, two hours costing $28-30, and all-day access costing $30-34. Children age two and under can enjoy the park for only $5 with a paying adult.


These prominent destinations offer exhilarating experiences: 


  • Big Air Trampoline Park Buena Park, CA
  • Big Air Trampoline Park Chandler, AZ
  • Big Air Trampoline Park Auburn, WA
  • Big Air Trampoline Park Charlotte, NC
  • Big Air Trampoline Park Myrtle Beach, SC


9. Nova Trampoline Park

This park offers an array of attractions, including the main court trampoline with a weight limit of 250lbs, obstacle course, super trampoline, foam pit, dodgeball and basketball courts, zip line, battle beam, rock wall, playground, toddler court, ninja course, soccer court, mega Lego, and arcade. Nova also features a unique slackline where visitors can put their balance skills to the test while bouncing. At Nova Trampoline Park, there's no age limit when it comes to having fun. 

Typically, visitors above 42 inches tall pay $18 for 60 minutes, $24 for 90 minutes, $29 for 120 minutes, $32 for 150 minutes, and $35 for 180 minutes. Visitors below 42 inches tall pay from $12 for 60 minutes to $24 for 180 minutes.


Discover the exhilarating world of Nova Trampoline Parks, locations include:

  • Nova Trampoline Parks Plymouth, MA
  • Nova Trampoline Parks Wyoming, PA
  • Nova Trampoline Parks Nashua, NH


Nova Trampoline Park.jpg

10. Launch Trampoline Park

This park boasts state-of-the-art attractions designed for everyone to enjoy. Among its many attractions, the most unique is the XP Arena, designed to test strategy, speed, agility, awareness, and bravery.

The park's main trampoline courts offer an exhilarating jumping experience, while its ninja course, rock climbing wall, and dodgeball area challenge guests to test their physical limits. Visitors can also enjoy bowling, laser tag, ax throwing, and basketball on the sports court. The arcade area features a mix of classic and new games for all ages.

Prices vary depending on the location and the chosen package, ranging from $15 for Toddler Time to $79 per camper for Launch Camp. The park also offers several promotions, such as the Charged Up and Supercharged packages and the Ignite teen night glow party every Saturday.


The park has notable locations in:

  • Launch Trampoline Park Orlando, FL
  • Launch Trampoline Park Methuen, MA
  • Launch Trampoline Park Grand Rapids, MI
  • Launch Trampoline Park Queens, NY 
  • Launch Trampoline Park Richmond, VA


11. Flying Squirrel Trampoline Park

Among its standout features, Flying Squirrel boasts a performance trampoline that provides a platform for visitors to showcase their skills and abilities in an exhilarating way. In addition, the park offers a multitude of attractions to cater to diverse interests, including 3D climbing walls, dodgeball courts, aerial silks and lyra, airbags, airtracks, arcade games, augmented climbing walls, battle beams, dunk hoops, fly zone, foam pits, freestyle courts, inflatable parks, interactive climbing walls, kiddie courts, ninja courses, parkour courses, rope swings, slacklines, spring floors, stunt jumps, top golf swing suites, and zip lines.

Typically, a 60-minute jump session is priced at $19.00, a 90-minute jump at $24.00, and a 120-minute jump at $29.00.


Bounce, flip, and soar your way through a variety of exciting attractions and activities of Flying Squirrel Trampoline Park at its remarkable locations in:

  • Flying Squirrel Trampoline Park Tampa, FL
  • Flying Squirrel Trampoline Park Bozeman, MT
  • Flying Squirrel Trampoline Park Pittsburgh, PA
  • Flying Squirrel Trampoline Park Miami, FL
  • Flying Squirrel Trampoline Park Spokane Valley, WA


Flying Squirrel Trampoline Park.jpg

12. Zero Gravity Trampoline Park

Zero Gravity Trampoline Park is a locally owned and operated adventure park located in Mounds View, Minnesota. Since its establishment in 2011, it has been providing a variety of healthy and safe family entertainment options to the community, including trampoline jumping surfaces, an arcade, a ninja rope course, and laser tag.

One of the most popular attractions is the Aerial Ninja Obstacle Course for those who dream of becoming a ninja and want to perform acrobatic feats. Laser Tag is another exciting activity for visitors to work off some energy and have fun with friends and family. Visitors of all ages can jump to their heart's content in Zero Gravity's open jump arena.

The park also offers classic arcade games such as SpongeBob SquarePants Dynamic Duo, Nerf Arcade, and World's Largest Space Invaders, providing hours of fun and excitement for all ages. Prices for visitors range from $15.99 for a 60-minute jump ticket to $29.99 for the ultimate day pass that includes access to trampolines, an aerial course, and laser tag. 


13. Maxx Air Trampoline Park

MaxxAir Trampoline Park is sure to give visitors an exciting workout. The park offers a variety of activities that promote fitness and healthy living, including the ninja course, superfly, dodgeball court, battle beams, basketball lanes, king of the hill, and a zip line. They also have party rooms for celebrations and group events.

MaxxAir's most unique attraction is the Superfly, where participants can launch themselves into a 30' by 36' airbag from a 12-foot-high platform jump, angled trampoline, or flat-box trampoline. Additionally, the park features a Ninja Course with course components such as cargo nets, punching bags, swinging steps, silk ropes, and more.

Their single jumper rates range from $11 for one hour to $17 for three hours for ages seven and up. For children six and under, it's $9 for one hour and $15 for three hours.


MaxxAir Trampoline Park is located in Abilene, TX


Maxx Air Trampoline Park.jpg


14. Pigeon Forge Trampoline Park

When searching for exciting activities in Pigeon Forge, be sure to visit TopJump - the city's premier indoor attraction! With an exciting array of activities, TopJump offers fun for people of all ages.

TopJump boasts two standout features - the fire & ice ninja course and pro-slam basketball. The fire & ice ninja course puts your ninja skills to the test as you navigate challenging obstacles amidst fire and ice elements. At the same time, the pro-slam basketball lets you unleash your inner pro by executing gravity-defying dunks using trampoline launch pads.

In addition to these unique features, TopJump offers other activities like the trampoline park, climbing center, boneyard stunt tower, air strike dodgeball, and arcade alley.

At TopJump, everyone is welcome to jump, climb, and participate in activities. Prices for general admission start at $13 per hour for children six and under and $16 per hour for ages seven and up.


15. Rush Athens Trampoline Park

Located in Athens, Georgia, this park boasts a range of exciting attractions and activities to keep the whole family entertained.

Rush Athens Trampoline Park offers a main trampoline court, a dodgeball court, foam pits, slam dunk court, high dive, battle beam, Sweeper, and a ninja course. Summer STEM camps are also available, where children can spend their days at Rush and learn about science, technology, engineering, and math. 

Visitors of all ages are welcome. The park is open seven days a week, with Toddler Time on Saturdays from 9:30 am to 11 am and Rush After Dark on Saturdays from 8 pm to 10 pm for visitors aged 13 and above.

Prices for Rush Athens Trampoline Park are affordable, with a one-hour Rush Pass costing $16, 90 minutes Jump Pass costing $21, and a two-hour pass for $27.


Rush Athens Trampoline Park.jpg


The fun knows no bounds at these exceptional trampoline parks in the USA. With a range of activities and attractions, from traditional trampolining to obstacle courses and climbing walls, there is something for everyone. Whether you're looking to challenge yourself with gravity-defying flips and tricks, engage in friendly competition on the dodgeball court, or test your strength and agility on the ninja course, trampoline parks have it all. Grab your friends, put on your trampoline socks, and bounce your way to a fun-filled day at one of these amazing trampoline parks!

Want to bounce at home? Check out our guide to the best backyard trampolines in the USA. In the long term, the trampoline cost will make buying a trampoline cheaper than going to a trampoline park. 

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