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How to Avoid Blisters from Monkey Bars

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Jul 24, 2023
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Monkey bars are fun to play on and can be a great way to exercise. However, one common problem for both children and adults using monkey bars are blisters. The repetitive motion of swinging on the bars causes friction, which can eventually lead to blisters. Excessive use can lead to more frequent and severe blisters from monkey bars, which can be very painful.


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Hand Positioning to Avoid Blisters

Proper technique is essential when it comes to avoiding hand blisters from monkey bars and jungle gym bars.

One crucial aspect is hand positioning. How you position your hands on the monkey bars can significantly impact your grip and the likelihood of developing blisters. To avoid blisters, use the following hand positioning:


  • Grip the bar with your entire hand - not just your fingers or palms. When you grip a bar with your entire hand, you are increasing the surface area of contact between your skin and the bar. This can help distribute the pressure and weight of the bar more evenly across your hand - reducing the effects of friction on any given contact area. 

  • Place your thumb around the bar. Employing a thumb-over grip can assist in maintaining a better hold on the bar. This grip style reduces the amount of pressure on your fingers and provides increased stability during monkey bars play.

  • Make sure to regrip when you swing. By regripping at the back of each swing you reset the positioning of your hand which reduces the folding of your palm, which is one of the biggest causes of blisters. 

These techniques can effectively minimize the occurrence of hand blisters while using monkey bars. Regular practice will help develop harder skin on the hands, further protecting them from future blisters and enhancing your overall grip strength.


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How to Prevent Blisters from Monkey Bars

Consider wearing gloves while using monkey bars. Gloves serve as a barrier between your hands and the metal bars, consequently reducing friction. When selecting gloves, it’s crucial to choose a pair that provides an excellent grip to prevent slipping and that fits snugly to prevent excess material from bunching up.

Knowing when to take a break is also essential. If your hands start to feel sore or fatigued, it's time to rest. Over-exertion can lead to blisters or even more severe injuries. By stopping before your hands rip and waiting a few days, it’s possible to avoid painful blisters altogether. 

The material of the bar is also crucial. Smooth metal bars generally cause less friction and so if you want to avoid blisters, these are the bars to go for when choosing a monkey bars set. 


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How to Treat Blisters on Hands from Monkey Bars

Even with proper technique and precautions, it can still be challenging to completely prevent hand blisters when using monkey bars, especially when we become carried away with play. If you have developed hand blisters from monkey bars, it’s essential to treat them properly to prevent infection and promote healing. Here’s how to treat blisters from monkey bars two days after getting them:


Clean the affected area

The first step in treating a blister is to clean the affected area. Use lukewarm water and a gentle soap to wash the blistered hand or hands. Disinfect the outside of the blister with alcohol or iodine to kill any bacteria that may be present.


Drain the fluid

In most cases, it is recommended to let a blister heal on its own. However, the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) suggests that if a blister is very large and painful, it may be necessary to drain it by using a sterilized needle. However, do not remove the overlying skin, as it acts as a natural bandage. 


Apply an ointment

After the fluid has drained, apply an antibiotic ointment to prevent infection and soothe the skin. Petroleum jelly is an excellent option as it helps to keep the area moist and prevent further friction.


Cover the blister

Cover the whole area with a bandage or blister plaster to protect it from further friction and to keep it clean. Change the dressing at least once daily until it's healed.


Rest your hands

Rest the affected hand and avoid any activities that may cause further friction.


If the blister fails to heal or if you observe any indications of infection, such as redness, swelling, or the presence of pus, you may need to seek medical attention.


Using the right hand positioning, and following preventive measures can reduce the chance of getting blisters. Remember, prevention is always better than cure. To avoid blisters from monkey bars, make sure to wear gloves. If blisters do occur, treating them correctly can help speed up healing and keep your hands healthy. Always remember to use monkey bars safely and responsibly.


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