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Best Swing Sets in the USA

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Jan 13, 2024
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When it comes to kids having fun while exercising, you don't have to wait for the right timing to get into the swing of things.
Sometimes, all you have to do is, a swing set for your backyard.

Swinging can do wonders for core, arm, and leg muscle strength. Beyond improving balance and reducing stress, it could also play a key role in social development as your little ones enjoy playing with other children.

Aren't many of your own favorite childhood memories from when you were swinging in the playground, taking in the sunshine and enjoying the fresh breeze? Yup—we thought so too. 

This is your neon sign to upgrade your backyard and start making fun memories by adding the most sought-after swings to your cart. Check out the top five best swing sets in the USA, along with their pros and cons!


Table 1: Pros & Cons of The Best Swing Sets in the USA 

Swingset Features Price
Vuly 360 Pro Max Swing Set Fully customizable — with over 20 unique add-ons
Features a unique 360° swivel swing
Comes with a free shade cover and basketball hoop
From $880.00
Congo Monkey Playsystem #1 Comes with a fort, slide, fireman pole sandbox,
and rock climbing wall
McKinley Wooden Swing set Features a two-storey playhouse $1,099.99
Gorilla Basic Swing set Very affordable
Fits in small spaces
Can accommodate multiple swing set configurations
Lifetime Adventure Swingset Has 3 belt swings, a wavy slide, a fireman’s pole,
monkey bars, and gym rings


1. Vuly 360 Pro Max Swing Set 




Price: from $880.00  


First up on our list of the best swing sets in the USA, we have the Vuly 360 Pro Max. Just when you thought playground sets couldn’t possibly become any more fun, that’s when this item right here comes swinging into the picture to change your mind. 

With its spin swing, you can do more than just the usual back and forth. Whether you want to stand, skate, or spin, its unique full 360° swivel will take you to new dimensions of playground fun. 

Proving that the possibilities are simply endless, Vuly’s upgradable and customizable swing sets check all the boxes. You can add a hanging cubby, monkey swing, toddler swing, nest swing, bounce swing + bungee, seat swing, wrecking ball, and bed swing. Did we mention it also comes with a free shade cover and a free basketball hoop so kids can easily kickstart their athletic skills in the backyard? Seriously, what can’t this swingset do? 

You’ll also love how it brings an incredibly sporty yet sophisticated look that elevates your backyard aesthetics. With all its unique features, it’s no wonder that it’s one of the most sought-after and best swing sets in the USA!  


Product details: 

  • Comes in various shapes and sizes

  • Fully upgradable and customizable

  • Sturdy, double-galvanized A-frame structure

  • Rust resistant

  • Safety-certified

  • World-class warranties 

  • Scrutinized for safety and longevity

  • Superior UV-resistance with a dedicated shade cover 

  • Tested against rough play and tough weather conditions 


Click here to browse Vuly’s full collection of swing sets. 


2. Congo Monkey Playsystem #1 


Congo Monkey Playsystem.jpg


Price: $3,449.00 


This polymer-coated wooden playset is one of the best swingsets in the USA. The Congo Monkey Playsystem #1 is here to provide a fun time for the kids and perfectly complement your white picket fence home. Measuring 16' x 14' x 10'6" H, it’s recommended to have a safety zone of 28’ x 26’.

Get ready to do the wave and rock on with its wave slide and rock wall. Your kids can easily take a break from the sun rays or enjoy a snack with its huge 2nd-storey fort. It also comes with a fireman’s pole sandbox, two swings, and a trapeze bar. 


Product details:

  • Dimensions: 16' x 14' x 10'6" H 

  • Ready to assemble 

  • Made with Woodguard lumber and protective polymer

  • 100% splinter-free

  • Won’t chip crack, rot, or peel

  • UV-stabilized



3. McKinley Wooden Swing Set 


McKinley Wooden Swing Set jpg.jpg 


Price: $1,099.99


Is it a swing set or is it a vintage-style home? Well, this McKinley Wooden Swing Set can easily be both. Apart from its two swings and gymnastic acro bar, this item comes with a wave slide and a rock wall. But that’s not where the fun ends—as one of the best swing sets in the USA, it also provides kids with a play kitchen, including a stove, sink, and utensil shelf with accessories.

Your kids can look forward to non-stop entertainment as they enjoy the play phone, clock with moveable hands, a mailbox with a working flag, a faux stone chimney, and a functional front door. There’s a slight chance your kids will like this home in the backyard more than your actual family home. 


Product details: 

  • Dimensions: 14’ 3”L x 11’ 5”W x 9’ 6”H

  • Can hold up to nine children with a maximum weight of 110 lb. per child

  • Made of premium wood

  • Pre-assembled panels for easier set-up

  • Five-year limited wooden component warranty


4. Gorilla Basic Swing Set  


Gorilla Basic Swing Set.jpg



Price: $236.35 


Are you more of a believer of "beauty in the basics"? Then this Gorilla Basic Swing Set is calling your name. Embodying a minimalist charm, it’s perfect for smaller backyards where soaring from two swing seats or playing with a trapeze ring are top priorities. 

Featuring a classic A-frame swing beam, it’s easy to switch out swings or upgrade with a toddler swing or bench swing. It may be simple, but its adaptability and high-quality cedar wood make it one of the best swing sets in the USA. 


Product details:

  • 6 83/100'' H X 7 19/25'' W X 8 67/100'' D

  • Ready to be assembled

  • Recommended for children aged 2 to 10 years old with a total weight capacity of 345 pounds

  • Made of cedar lumber, which is naturally resistant to rot decay

  • Can accommodate any standard-size swing component, allowing for multiple swing set configurations



5. Lifetime Monkey Bar Adventure Metal Swing Set   

Lifetime Monkey Bar Adventure Metal Swing Set.jpg


Price: $1,398.00 


From belt swings and a wavy slide to a fireman’s pole, monkey bars, and a trapeze bar with gym rings, your kids are in for a whole lot of fun with the Monkey Bar Adventure Metal Swing Set.

Capable of accommodating up to six children at a time, there’s no shortage of fun adventures that the little ones will have with all their closest friends. 


Product details:

  • Dimensions: 211.00 x 168.00 x 93.00 inches

  • Two color options: 

-green and brown

-red, yellow, and, blue

  • For ages 3 to 12 

  • Can accommodate up to six children 

  • Made with corrosion resistant galvanized steel

  • All-weather resistant

  • UV-resistant


Start Swinging Into Fun Times

A swing is more than just a toy—it’s a playtime staple that contributes to better health while creating fun memories for kids to look back on. Now that you know all about the best swing sets in the USA, you can easily turn this exciting vision into a reality. 

Looking to turn your backyard into a fully-equipped playground paradise? Then that swing set you’ve just added to cart could use a few friends right next to it—check out our guides on the best monkey bars and climbing frames to see our top picks! 



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Victor Volynski
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