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10 Backyard Playground Ideas

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Dec 03, 2023
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A backyard should be a place where kids can have fun and be active. Backyard playgrounds have been a thing for a long time, and are becoming more popular as playground equipment is becoming easier and cheaper to obtain. 

Table 1: 10 of the best Backyard Playground Ideas

Playground Idea Relative Price Backyard Size Required Suitable Age Range
Swing Set Low - Medium Medium 3-12 years
Monkey Bars Medium Medium - Large 4-18 years
Sandbox Low Small - Medium 2-8 years
Treehouse  Medium - High Medium - Large 3-15 years
Obstacle Course Low - Medium Medium - Large 4-15 years
Water Play Area Low - Medium Small 2-10 years
Trampoline Medium Medium 3-16 years
Garden Area Low - Medium Small - Medium 3-15 years
Zip Line Medium - High Large 6-18 years
Outdoor Art Corner Low Small 3-12 years


1. Swing Set




Swing sets are a classic backyard idea. Generally swing sets are more suitable for younger kids. They can a be lot of fun and will get the kids outdoors for hours at a time. 

Companies like Vuly have innovated in this space to give kids more fantastic swing options than ever before. These include 360 spin swings, trapeze swings, and cubby swings - with a total of 9 swing options to choose from!  

Swing sets can now be easily ordered online to suit a variety of backyards - with Vuly opting for a modular design that can be stacked to include up to 6 swing attachments and a cubby. These swing sets also have a number of additional accessories that can be added including basketball hoops, soccer goals, and more! 



2. Monkey Bars

 Huge Monkey Bar Sale


Monkey bars are another classic backyard toy. Generally for slightly older kids, monkey bars not only provide a fun way for kids to play but also develop their muscles and bones, coordination, and endurance as they learn to do the monkey bars. In addition to being great entertainment for the kids, monkey bars are also great for calisthenics workouts at home and can help improve grip strength

These toys have also evolved over time, with newer monkey bars playsets having a ton of awesome accessories including basketball hoops, soccer goals, punching bags, swings and more! 

Vuly provides fully customizable monkey bars, which can be created online using the interactive builder. Once you've created the perfect monkey bars, order it and ship it to your door with easy to follow instructions. 


3. Sandbox


bakcyard playground idea sandbox.jpg

In any backyard playground, a sandbox is an ever-popular spot where kids' imaginations can run wild.

Picture this: a cozy corner filled with soft sand where little ones spend hours shaping and reshaping their own tiny worlds. They can sculpt castles, carve out roads, or even craft entire miniature landscapes.

This isn't just play; it's a hands-on adventure that's both fun and educational. The feel of the sand under their fingers is great for their sensory skills and helps in developing their dexterity. Plus, whether they're playing solo or with buddies, a sandbox is a fantastic way for kids to learn about sharing and teamwork. No matter its size, a sandbox brings a slice of timeless joy and creativity to any backyard, making it a cherished part of childhood.


4. Treehouse 

treehouse backyard playground idea.jpg

Imagine a treehouse nestled in the backyard, more than just a structure, it's a realm of dreams for kids.

Sitting high among the leaves, this treehouse becomes anything the young ones wish it to be: a secret clubhouse, a mighty fortress, or even a castle in the sky. It's their own little world, where they can play, read, or just lose themselves in daydreams.

Each treehouse, be it a simple wooden platform or a grand multi-level playhouse, offers a special lookout point, a place where children can watch the world from above, surrounded by nature. Such a spot isn't just about play; it's a nurturing ground for independence and a thirst for adventure.

More than anything, a treehouse is a cherished chapter in the story of childhood, a place of joy and discovery that stays in their hearts long after they've grown.


5. Obstacle Course

obstacle course backyard playground idea.jpg

Picture a backyard obstacle course as a mini adventure park, buzzing with energy and excitement. It's a playground where children dash from one challenge to the next: balancing on beams, scaling climbing frames, wriggling through tunnels, and leaping from platform to platform.

As they tackle each obstacle, they're not just having a blast; they're also honing their physical abilities and sharpening their minds. They learn to think on their feet, solve problems, and grow stronger with every jump and climb.

What's great is how this obstacle course can be tailored to fit kids of all ages and abilities, making it a thrilling and adaptable feature in any backyard. It's more than just a play area; it's a fun-filled training ground where little adventurers grow and thrive.


6. Water Play Area

water play area backyard playground dieas.jpg

A Water Play Area in a backyard is like a splash of joy on a sunny day, bringing endless amusement and a cool respite for kids. It's a place where little ones can frolic in the water, whether it's through a sprinkler, a small wading pool, or a homemade splash pad.

As the water sprays and bubbles, children get the chance to laugh, play, and learn about the wonders of water. It's not just about cooling off on hot days; water play is a sensory-rich experience that helps develop motor skills and encourages imaginative play.

Building boats, pouring, splashing, and even learning basic principles of physics become part of the fun. This play area can be as simple or as elaborate as you like, but no matter the setup, it's sure to be a hit, making those warm days memorable with the sound of children's laughter and the joy of water play.


7. Trampoline

Huge Trampoline Sale


Trampolines in a backyard bring a bouncy burst of fun, captivating children and adults alike with the joy of leaping and tumbling in the air. They're not just an exhilarating way to jump and play; trampolines also offer a unique form of exercise, enhancing balance, coordination, and fitness.

As kids bounce, they experience a sense of freedom and excitement, all while engaging in a healthy physical activity. The rhythmic motion of jumping can be both invigorating and soothing, providing a playful outlet for energy and stress. Trampolines can vary in size and style, from smaller, kid-friendly models to larger ones for the whole family.

They are a versatile addition to any backyard, creating a focal point for gatherings and active fun, all while helping to build strength, agility, and confidence with every joyful leap into the air.


8. Garden Area

garden area in backyard.jpg

A Garden Area in a backyard playground is a peaceful and educational space that offers children the opportunity to connect with nature. It can be a dedicated spot where kids can learn about planting and caring for various plants, from flowers and shrubs to vegetables and herbs.

This hands-on experience not only teaches them about biology and the environment but also instills a sense of responsibility and the joy of nurturing growth. The garden area can become a serene retreat for children to explore, observe, and appreciate the natural world, fostering a lifelong love for gardening and the outdoors.


9. Zip Line

backyard zipline.jpg


A Zip Line in a backyard playground is a thrilling feature that adds a sense of adventure and excitement. It involves a cable stretched between two points, usually at a slight decline, allowing children and adults to glide swiftly from one end to the other while holding onto a handle or sitting in a harness.

This playful installation not only offers an exhilarating experience but also encourages outdoor physical activity. It's a unique and engaging way to enhance a backyard space, creating a fun and memorable feature that stands out from more traditional playground elements.



10. Outdoor Art Corner

outdoor art corner in backyard.jpg

An Outdoor Art Corner in a backyard playground is a vibrant and inspiring space that nurtures creativity and self-expression among children.

This area can be equipped with various art supplies like chalk, paints, and crafting materials, allowing kids to freely explore their artistic talents in the fresh air. The outdoor setting adds an element of inspiration, as children can draw from nature and their surroundings.

This art corner not only encourages artistic skills but also provides a sensory-rich environment for exploration and imagination. It's a wonderful way for children to express themselves, develop fine motor skills, and enjoy the therapeutic benefits of art, all while being engaged in an outdoor setting.

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