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Upgrade your exercise: Best trampoline fitness apps

The digital revolution has introduced a new wave of fantastic fitness apps that are just perfect for combining with your backyard Vuly. We've talked before about great trampoline exercises, and about fun trampoline games, but why not use the modern marvel that is your phone to get even more helpful tips and statistics about your bounce?

Whether you’re looking to boost your jumps to greater heights, get yourself musically motivated or engage in a tough personal training challenge, there's an app to help you. Here are our top 4 apps that you’ll want to download and use every day.

Trampolining apps – My Jump ($5.99)

If you want a detailed analysis of your bouncing capabilities, My Jump can provide it. Developed by sports scientists using, My Jump measures the height, airtime time, power and force velocity of your jump—all crucial information when determining your strength and fitness level.

My Jump can also record awesome slow-motion movies of your jumps, and can be export all its data. It can also track a number of users, so your friends and family can get in on the action and compete to see who is the ultimate Vuly bouncer!

Trampolining apps – Fit Radio Workout Music (FREE)


Exercising to music is an easy way to keep ourselves from feeling fatigued or bored, and can help push us to achieve more. When the songs are specifically chosen to match your pace and movement, you could probably have fun bouncing forever!

Fit Radio Workout Music is a free app designed to play personalised, high-energy music to keep you motivated. Fit Radio mixes tracks with a constant BPM, so songs perfectly complement your workout and allow you to keep your pace. You can select your favourite artists or genres, or just leave the music choice entirely up to the app. The app adds new tracks all the time; your workout playlists will always be fresh and exciting.

Trampolining apps – FitStar Personal Trainer (FREE)


The free FitStar Personal Trainer app is almost like carrying your own personal trainer around in your pocket. Led by fitness guru and American football star Tony Gonzalez, FitStar provides users with a wealth of health and exercise knowledge; a variety workouts, videos, challenges; as well as music streaming and calorie tracking capabilities.

The Premium package grants access to an array of programs suited to every fitness goal, whether you’re looking to tone or strengthen muscles, or lose weight. Feedback and data tracking to the user enables the app to customise the program to suit you: just like a real personal trainer. It also integrates with other devices and apps—like FitBit and MyFitnessPal—and can connect to Apple products, transforming them into remotes and workout video screens.

Trampolining apps – Bouncy! Trampoline (FREE)

You can't bounce on the bus on your way to work... can you? Bouncy! Trampoline doesn't improve your bounce, but it does provide hours of sleek entertainment. With easy to handle (but hard to master) gameplay, intuitive controls, and crisp design, Bouncy! will have you doing trampoline tricks even on your phone.

Based on the simple mechanic of swiping to make a rabbit perform tricks on a trampoline, Bouncy! is deeper than it appears—with 3 different game modes, 138 achievements with customisations and rewards and 46 levels. You might be inspired to get onto the Vuly and try some (safe) tricks of your own. We can't be all work and no play!


Do you use any apps to add to the fun of your Vuly, or to monitor your performance? Let us know how you go with these ones; we're always looking for ways to boost the value of our bounce!


Edit: We apologise to readers who tried to download iTrampoline and Spring—previously recommended apps. These are not available, and we replaced them in this article with Fit Radio Workout Music and Bouncy! Trampoline.

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