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Participate in Vuly's Sponsorship Programme

Vuly's sponsorship programme supports organisations Australia wide. Joining the program is easy.

Contact Vuly Sponsorships here

Who can participate?

Vuly have supported hundreds of organisations from around Australia. These include:

  • Not for profit organisations
  • Charities
  • NGO’s
  • Travel tourism and adventure companies
  • Construction and renovation companies
  • Media companies
  • Individuals with strong media presence (bloggers or social influencers)
  • Schools
  • Government bodies
  • Sporting organisations


How does Vuly sponsor organisations?

Vuly will assess each prospective sponsorship and determine the most appropriate format of sponsorship. Through the sponsorship programme Vuly may:

  • Donate a product for the organisation's use, such as outdoor play equipment to be used at the organisation's centre or headquarters

  • Donate a product that the organisation can use as a prize for a raffle, competition or give-away to their members or entrants in the competition.

  • Provide a cash donation towards the organisation.


What products are donated by Vuly?

Vuly's product range is rapidly expanding. As of this article, their product range (which may be donated as part of the sponsorship programme) includes:



Join the programme

Think your organisation is the right fit? Contact Vuly Sponsorships  and begin the process!



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